''the Road Not Taken'' Literary Analysis

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Perfection of Perspective

Symbolism can transform a mere rock into pure diamond. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, presents the theme of the universal and inevitable functions of choice and time. Frost successfully supports this theme through vivid and continuous symbolism, among the entire story.

Initially, Frost introduces an idea that every decision consists of only two options: to do something or not to do something, each with certain repercussions. In the beginning, the speaker is in the woods and ahead of him are two separate roads. Each road symbolizes a single choice. This limits the speaker’s decision to only a pair of options; in support of the concept.

Next, Frost demonstrates the natural tendency to analyze a situation before making a decision. The speaker states, “… long I stood, and looked down one as far as I could, to where it bent in the undergrowth.” Provided as much effort that the speaker had devoted to gaining intuition of the road, eventually what was visible had veered out of sight. This symbolizes the limit of insight of the future and preparation.

Thirdly, Frost thoroughly describes the many complexities involved in a single decision, through symbolism. The physical content and condition of a path, such as grass, leaves, or rocks represent insight; and symbolizes provided information of the choice, such as encounters or previous results or methods. Confrontations and slight consequences occur in the form of tall grass and footprints. The common road is filled with scenery, and visible from a great distance; making it more appealing. This road symbolizes the convenience and ease in anticipating future scenarios and difficulties, when choosing to do a specific action. However, when choosing not to do a specific action, the amount of possibilities is astronomical; liable for any instances except those of the opposite choice. The less traveled road symbolizes this improbability of recording or examining...
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