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Belleview 饭店
1988 年10 月,Belleview 饭店有限公司(Belleview Hotel Limited, BHL)的总裁琳 达·帕克(Linda Park)女士刚同公司的其他董事们开完一个会议。这次会议讨论了 三项可为BHL 筹集1,560,000 美元的融资计划。帕克女士不清楚这三个计划对 BHL 的财务状况和对她与其他投资者回报的影响有多大,会议结束时,其他董 事决定将决策权授予帕克女士。

In October 1988, Ms. Linda Park, president of Belleview Hotel Limited (BHL), had just returned from a meeting with other directors of BHL. The meeting had discussed three financing proposals to raise $1,560,000 for BHL. Ms. Park was uncertain of the impact of the three proposals on the financial viability of BHL and on the returns to herself and other investors. The meeting ended with the rest of the directors turning the decision over to her.

在一家全国性连锁饭店当了几年经理之后,帕克女士在沿圣劳伦斯河靠近中等城 市安大略的地方投资旅游设施。帕克之所以选择这个位置时因为春夏两季这里是 “旅游热线”。1981 年她创立了圣劳伦斯汽车饭店有限公司(St. Lawrence Motor Courts, Limited),并建立了一座漂亮的、现代化的汽车旅店。这座建筑可提供完 备的旅游住宿、泊车服务,还有可为客人提供娱乐服务的宽敞的餐厅。 帕克认为创办这家公司是一项成功的投资。

After several years as a hotel manager for a national chain, Park had established herself in the tourist accommodation business close to a medium-sized Ontario city along the St. Lawrence River. Park chose this location because the route was heavily traveled by tourists during the spring and summer months. In 1981, she formed a company known as St. Lawrence Motor Courts, Limited, and erected an elaborate, modern motel on this site. The buildings provided complete tourist accommodation, shelter for automobiles, and spacious dining facilities with entertainment for guests. Park considered St. Lawrence Motor Courts, Limited, a very successful venture. 随后几年,由于此地便利的铁路交通和海运设施以及巨大的市场潜力,帕克的公 司周围又开设了好多实业公司。由于这些实业公司并没有建立在圣劳伦斯公司所 在的那条旅游主线上,因此,不影响此位置作为旅游中转站的吸引力。而且,本 地区的迅速发展——很快本地区便被称为“黄金地段”——吸引来了许多商务人 员,他们常常感到为了完成工作而有必要在本城中住上一夜。 In the following years, there sprang up in the area surrounding Park's establishment many new industries which had been attracted by easily accessible railway and shipping facilities, and by the proximity of a large market area. These industries were not along the main tourist route on which St. Lawrence Motor Courts was situated; consequently, they did not in any way adversely affect the attractiveness of the site as a potential tourist stop-over. However, the general expansion on the area, which soon became known as "the golden mile", attracted many business people who, not infrequently, found it necessary to remain in the city overnight in order to complete 2

their business.
帕克一直关注着这些发展。1988 年夏,帕克同附近的许多大公司进行了接洽。 她建议为来往此地的商务人员提供膳宿,这个建议受到了好评,有几家厂商表现 出了对该建议的兴趣。在此鼓舞下,考虑到以往旺季的游客众多,帕克产生了在 紧邻的地方再建一座现代化饭店的想法。帕克希望这一发展计划可以通过为当地 实业公司的往来商人提供膳宿,以保证终年稳定的业务;另一方面还可以通过在 旅游季节接纳圣劳伦斯旅店接纳不下的游客来获得业务。 With these developments in mind, Park approached a number of large industries in the vicinity in the summer of 1988 with a proposal regarding accommodation for visiting business people. Her suggestion was well-received, and several manufacturing concerns expressed an interest in maintaining permanent accommodation for visitors on business. With this encouragement, and in view of the overflow of visitors experienced to date, Park conceived the idea of constructing a modern hotel on an immediately adjacent property. Park hoped that part of this development would provide steady, year-round business by arrangement with the local industries, while the remainder would be used to catch the overflow from the St. Lawrence Motor Court during the tourist season.

接下来,帕克开始考虑这座令人羡慕的旅店的类型和规模,并试着估算了完成这 样一项工程的成本。这块与帕克的圣劳伦斯汽车旅店有限公司毗邻的土地,宽 75 英尺,长235 英尺,估价为40 万美元。在向当地一位建筑师咨询后,帕克起 草了一份能满足各种先决条件的工程计划。这一计划要建一座三层建筑,包括4 套两居室的套房、24 间带两张单人床的双人间、23 间带双人床的双人间、一家 大型门脸店、七家小一些的商店和其他一些设施。帕克认为这些设施应包括理发 师、美容师及医生提供的工作间和公寓。

Park then considered the type and size of hotel that would be desirable, and tried to estimate the costs of such a project. The property adjacent to the St. Lawrence Motor Courts, which Park owned, was 75 feet wide and 235 feet in length, and was appraised at $400,000. After consultation with a local architect, Park developed a plan for a...
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