“the True Eternal Love Is the Love of a Mother to Her Child.”

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Mother Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: March 22, 2013
As of now I have not yet experienced to carry a child to my womb. But you know what? I already felt it.

It’s really hard to be pregnant in times of troubles and problems. My sister experienced it. On that time, she had to move away from us because my mom didn’t want to see her. It’s emotionally hurting. I know how she feels, how they feels. Mom is hurting too. But I knew her. She will never show her weaknesses to others. On the other side, Ate is hurting. She is emotional because she is pregnant. That’s why I just supported her. I tried to make her smile every day I’m going to their home. Yes, I’m visiting them without mom knowing it. I’m bringing her a piece of mango every day, or sometimes oranges, or an apple. I want her to be healthy for the sake of the baby, too. It’s really happy to think that in that way, we became closer and closer to each other. Almost all the time her husband was on his work. That’s why I’m the one coming with her at the maternal clinic every schedule. I felt excitement when I saw the baby’s first picture! The doctor told us there that it was a girl. She’s pretty. I knew it! =)

She’s seven months on her mother’s womb when Ate took steps on the stage to get her diploma. Yes, she did continue studying to finish her course. It’s not our mom who walked with her but our aunt. Thanks to our lovable auntie because she helped us to convince mom to let Ate live with us again. I know she can’t ignore it. Why? Because she do loves us, Very much indeed. Dramatic scenario when the entire member of the family cried. That was a happy night to remember, when our family from being broken unite as one again. And that, there is one little angel will be added to the family.

It was June then. The baby grew bigger at Ate’s womb. The doctor told her to stop eating too much. The baby is too big and might get bigger if she continues to do so. If that happened, it will be hard for her to give birth. June 15 was actually her due date but until the 25th...
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