“Fun is hard to have, Fun is a rare jewel.” It is true, isn’t it?

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In the essay “Fun, Oh Boy. Fun. You Could Die From It”, written by Suzanne Britt Jordan, wrote “Fun is hard to have. Fun is a rare jewel.” It is true, isn’t it? I think, every day, at least once, we have fun because fun comes unexpected. There are so many joys that make we feel happy or fun. Some of joys we think it’s fun but it’s not; we think it’s not fun, but others think it is. Do you think growing up in a rich family is a pleasure? I think many people think it’s fun; however, it is not. Growing up in a poor family with lots of siblings has more fun than growing up in a rich family without siblings. Why do I say that? Because I know the reason. People think that living in a rich family is fun because you have everything. You have a lot of money, a nice car, nice clothes, nice watch, etc. However, I bet that they are not really have fun. Rich families always have rules in their house. You can’t let the floor has dirt. You can’t put something on refrigerators or door. Moreover, you can’t put a nice things in your own room. Do you know why they have the rules like that? Because they do not want their house becomes ugly and messy. Even though you’re a part of their family, they won’t let you do that. They seem like control you. You don’t have fun. Jordan wrote: “We put happy faces on flunking test papers, dirty bumpers, sticky refrigerators, door or bathroom mirror […] mopping the floor […]” are fun, but you can’t do that if you live in a rich family. When you’re a part of a rich family, of course you don’t have to mop the floor. However, you don’t know that when you mopping the floor after your party, you might have your emotions back. It is a simple thing, but it brings fun to you. On the other hand, growing up in a poor family you have more fun. You can put nice things in your house. You can play with your siblings without care that the floor get dirt. You can cook in your backyard with your lovely family, then clean it...
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