‘a Good God Should Not Punish People or Get Angry with Them’ Discuss This Statement. You Should Include Different, Supported Points of View and a Personal Viewpoint. You Must Refer to Christianity in Your Answer.

Topics: Justice, God, Bible Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Christians believe that God should punish people or get angry with them because God’s every judgment is just since he is the perfect judge, he is the perfect judge because he is omniscient, omnipotent and morally perfect which means he cannot be racist, biased, corruptible, ignorant, sexist or any other factors that make a judge ‘bad’. God’s punishment for us is to send us to hell, it is a place of punishment and imprisonment for those who deserve it, hell is everlasting and Christians believe that this make it a good model because it is very scary and deters people from doing bad things. Some might argue that God should be all loving and forgiving, so why the cruelty? Just like the Book of Job the answer is simple, it is a mystery about God’s nature, which we can never understand. Christians believe this because the Bible talks about Hell and the bible tells the truth. Secularists believe that God should not punish people or get angry with them because that would mean that God is not all loving and forgiving, they believe hell is an unfair punishment designed by God. It is unjust because Hell is eternal and surely an eternal punishment can only be justly given for an eternal crime. It is too severe a punishment for anything a human could do so why would God who is all-loving have such a place? Secularists from this problem came up with two solutions, that either God does not exist or that he is a bad God, it is simpler and much easier to believe that God does not exist. I believe that the whole concept of Hell is just invented by the wealthy and powerful to oppress the poor, the idea of Hell scares and deters the poor so that they wouldn’t dare to rise up to the wealthy and powerful. By the time that they realize that Hell is fake it will be too late for them to act upon it. In conclusion, it is hard to say whether God should punish people and get angry with them or not because for example the model of hell can never be completely fair and just. A...
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