‘the Introduction of Machinery Has Done More Harm Than Good” Discuss.

Topics: Energy, Pollution, Transport Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 7, 2012
‘The introduction of Machinery has done more harm than good” Discuss.

Nowadays the introduction of machinery has been beneficed and also harmful in some ways. We are actually living in a technological era. Many activities of our daily life depend mainly on machinery such as uses of vehicles as a mean of transport. Machinery is mostly important to satisfy the needs of the human beings.

The drawbacks of machinery are that craftsmanship is disappearing since all the manual works are being done automatically by machines. Work done is of poorer quality. Yet the quantity may has increased however, it lack of originality in its quality. Jobs have turned out to be dull and monotonous, even degrading for example repetitive nature of jobs on an assembly-line. A routine work leads to difficulty to concentrate on the same operation. Machines have brought about various other problems chief among them: Air pollution- Smoke released by vehicles and factories. Water pollution – chemical substances released in the rivers and sea and also noise pollution – great noise from the factories, with the monotony and routine which is a cause of stress. Men have become the slaves of machine since there is no proper reflection. Life is dedicated by machines such as robots. Men are totally dependant on machines which can lead to a lot of further problems in the future.

Machinery can also have its benefic since after its introduction, less time are being wasted during the manufacture of a mass of goods. Therefore, productivity is increased and profit, too. More profits can help to improve conditions of work and salaries. And also lead to creation of new industries and thereby more employment can be done. Machinery has led to shorter hours of work. The latter is now done in time and production contracts are respected. Workers finish work earlier and have more leisure time. Machinery demands less skill and absent of workers can be easily replaced. Conditions of service have improved in...
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