‘the First World War Transformed the Attitudes of Men Towards Women’

Topics: World War II, Middle class, Suffragette Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: October 17, 2012
‘The first world war transformed the attitudes of men towards women’ In and around the time of the First World War men treated women very unfairly, as if they weren’t as good as them. Women were expected to settle down at about seventeen and be a house wife, have children, cook, clean and run their husbands errands. It was just what women was expected to do. In source B, Joseph Ashby, a farm worker said ‘Their mother would teach them, by action and words, that girls and women find it best to submit to their husbands and brother. Their duty was to feed them well, run their errands and bear all the burdens except physical ones’ this was what men thought of women before the war but then later on was changed to the freedom of women around Britain. But then as soon as the war had started and all the men had to go to war, women had to step in and do the men’s work, like factory work and farmland. The type of work women had not been able to do before simply because they was women and the men didn’t think they would be able to do it. The reason girls didn’t work was they didn’t get much education when they was at school; all they were given education for was to prepare them for their future domestic role. All they were expected to do in school was read, write and subjects such as needle work and cookery. There was little opportunity for women to get a better education than that so this limited their job opportunities. There were a lot of attitude changed after the war towards women; they got a lot more respect and freedom, even if the men didn’t agree with this. Before the war even women had to conform to a certain way of dressing. Their skirts had to be long; their hair had to be long and tied back. They had to wear petticoats and they weren’t allowed to show too much of their chest. But then after the war, women stood up and didn’t want to listen to what they had to look and dress like, so they started wearing shorter skirts, they didn’t wear petticoats and women...
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