‘the Final Solution Evolved Because of the Chaotic Nature of the Nazi Regime in the Years 1939-42.’ How Far Do You Agree with This Opinion?

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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‘The Final Solution evolved because of the chaotic nature of the Nazi regime in the years 1939-42.’ How far do you agree with this opinion? The Final Solution is the most controversial topic of German History as its origination is not clean cut, whilst it would be simple to place emphasis on Hitler and his World View for the destruction of all Jewry there are other factors such as WW2 which must be taken into consideration in analysis of the Final Solution. Other factors include the polarised view of a lack of formal mechanisms and coherent policy, both of which were fuelled by an honest desire to pursue the will of the Fuhrer to commit, as described by Layton ‘The darkest deed of the Third Reich.’ Throughout this essay it will be assessed as to whether or not this plan for the systematic annihilation arose from the chaotic nature of the regime. It can be argued that the Final solution evolved as a result of the chaotic nature of the regime as there was a lack of formal policy with dealing with the Jewish Question. An exemplar example of this is the conquest of Poland by which it was split into district regions called Gau by which a Gauleiter was in charge of each district. By 1939 all the Gauleiter were pushing to have the Jews removed from their territories so as soon as one Gauleiter transported his Jews East another Gauleiter found himself with an increasing Jew population. This then escalated by 1941 as pressure came from Gauleiter in the West including Goebbels that they be allowed to deport their Jews which triggered demands from Gauleiter in the East such as Arthur Greiser of the Warthegau that they be allowed to take more radical action against the Jews to deal with the problem once and for all. There was also a sense of inconsistency across the German territory by means of dealing with the Jews for example in November 1942 5000 German Jews were shot in Lithuania whilst in Lodz the Germans were worried over the sanitary conditions in the ghetto. As...
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