‘Fear of Communism Best Explains Hitler’s Appointment as Chancellor in January 1933’. to What Extent Do You Agree with This Opinion?

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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‘Fear of Communism best explains Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor in January 1933’. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

During Germany’s period of depression votes for extremist parties, such as the Nazis and Communists, increased as people were desperate for something new and in January 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor. The most important reason as to why Hitler was appointed chancellor was because of the attitude of the elite as they would be the one deciding who to be chancellor, without their support Hitler wouldn’t have become chancellor. However other factors such as fear of communism, the appeal of the Nazi Party, economic problems and the failure of previous chancellors are all other reasons why Hitler was appointed.

The most important reason as to why Hitler was appointed as chancellor was because of the attitudes of the elites. The elites would be the people deciding on whom to appoint and without their support Hitler wouldn’t have been appointed. Hindenburg distrusted Hitler as he was only a lance corporal in the army during the First World War and he didn’t have a very high opinion of the status, but Hindenburg did appoint chancellors between 1932- 1933 on a whim, so he appointed Hitler by persuasion from Von Papen, and he gained the support of army under a Hitler government. The Nazi’s want for a strong Germany and their militaristic look is what attracted the elite to the Nazis. The Nazi’s attire was a militaristic suit and their aim was for a stronger Germany. They wanted Germany to be a strong authoritarian country, the way it was before. The elites also feared revolution from the Communists so by appointing Hitler they would stop a Communist uprising and go back to having an authoritarian government, where they would still hold their power. Both Von Papen and Hindenburg thought they would be able to control Hitler and use him to gain support, not realising that in the end they wouldn’t be able to. The attitude of...
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