, ‘Chuck Mackinnon’s Leadership Effectiveness Who’s Problems’

Topics: Leadership, Management, Motivation Pages: 23 (6021 words) Published: May 13, 2011
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Executive Summary1
Case Study Analysis Based on Managerial Theories3
Emotional Intelligence (EI)5
Recommendations & Possible Solutions13
Appendix A24
Appendix B25
Appendix C27

Executive Summary

Kate Hall-Merenda, in her case study, ‘Chuck Mackinnon’s Leadership Effectiveness: Whose Problems’, questioning whether Chuck Mackinnon leadership style was really effective. The author explains Chuck leadership characters and behaviors by illustrating relationship between Chuck and his coordinators. This explanation shows that there are many problems with his management style which has led to unsatisfied work performances.

The objective of this report is to provide an analysis and evaluation of the case study focusing on Chuck leadership effectiveness. The case study analysis shows that Chuck had failed to recognize or control emotions of his staffs and did not succeed to build effective teamwork and could not eliminate conflict within team. Theories include motivation, emotional intelligence (EI), team and conflict theory as well as leadership theories were applied within this case study. The report evaluates that Chuck leadership style is ineffective and inefficient as he lacks sufficient managerial and leadership skills.

In addition, this report also provides possible recommendations for Chuck on how to be an effective leader. The recommendations are based on theories which were used to evaluate managerial skills and leadership skills. After taking all aspects into consideration, it is recommended that Chuck as an managing director might apply concept of expectancy and MBO theories by using rewards or goal setting methods to motivate his subordinates. In addition, Chuck should improve his emotion intelligence, in particular on empathy and handling relationship aspects. Furthermore, in the case of building effective team and coping with conflict, Chuck could be aware of step of building high performance team as well as select the most suitable strategy to cope with conflict. Views and applications of effective leadership approach in order to improve leadership skills are strongly recommended for most organizations.


The purpose of this report is to analyze the case “Chuck Mackinnon’s Leadership Effectiveness: Whose problems”. The concepts of managerial theories are used to support analysis. After analyzing the case study, the possible solutions are provided to direct on how Chuck should do to cope with his particular problems. This report focus on what the main issues occurred from a perspective of leadership, Chuck’s perspective.

Chuck Mackinnon’s position and behavior is analyzed in order to define the problems. According to the case, it seems Chuck had the serious challenge in managing people. The main issues came from Chuck’s new position as Managing Director, Financial Institutions, with MBC in New York. Chuck suggested that the traditional business strategy was out of date and a new strategy should be provided. After Chuck proposed the new strategy, issues occurred such as no enough support from top to down, resistance changes from some employees and conflicts between Chuck and his subordinates. Inappropriate behavior such as drinking problems, poor English communication skills still exist which affect the productivity of the organization. Therefore, the objectives of this report are using five managerial theories: Emotional Intelligence (EI), Motivation, Team, Leadership and Conflict theories to analyze Chuck’s leadership effectiveness and apply those theories into issues to solve problems.

Case Study Analysis Based on Managerial Theories


Motivation is the process of inspiring and sustaining goal-directed behavior (Nelson & Quick 2006). According to Katsva & Condrey (2005), organization will achieve higher performance ratio...
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