You would think that the study of society and human relationships would come naturally—but research assignments on subjects like anthropology, psychology and sociology can often be the most challenging to write. Thankfully, you can conduct your own observations with, as you peruse our research documents.

  • Example of Instrument Used to Collect Data Social Studies School Based Assessment

    Instrument Used to Collect Data Survey of the Causes and Impacts of Unemployment in the Community of Moscow This assessment that I am currently conducting is to find out the causes and impacts of unemployment in the community of Moscow. This assessment will also aid in the

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  • How Do People Live in Deserts?

    How Do People Live In The Desert? Submitted by: Justyne Gibson Social Studies Fair Project Mrs. Horne – 6th Grade November 9, 2011 Verification Page Written By: Justyne Gibson Typed By: Shea Gibson Social Studies Fair Project Mrs. Horne – 6th Grade November 9, 2011

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  • What We Talk About, When We Talk About Love

    Intoxicated Love In Raymond Carver’s short story, “What We Talk About, When We Talk About love,” two couples begin a conversation on the topic about love over a full evening of drinking gin. (As the conversation goes on, the couples continue to drink until there is no more gin left.) Carver

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  • Political Correctness

    Political correctness: pro et contra. Political Correctness (PC) was introduced in the 1980s. PC was introduced in an effort to increase tolerance for a diversity of cultures, race, gender, ideology and alternate lifestyles. PC also tried to compel everyone to avoid using words and behaviors

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  • Dangers of Captive Audience

    Dangers of a Captive Audience Teachers have a significant role in American society as they help foster essential skills and instill knowledge into their students. Excellent teachers are responsible for the success of any modern country. Teachers selflessly serve for the interests of

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  • Final Report on Quality Assurance of Teacher Training Programs

    Final Report on Quality Assurance of Teacher Training Programs Conducted by Directorate of Staff Development Lahore, Punjab Third Party Review and Assessment The World Bank, Islamabad Prof. Mahmood H. Butt and Mr. Fawwad Shams Consultants UNESCO Project 478/07 December 14, 2007

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  • How Does Sociological Thinking Differ from Common Sense?

    “Sociology is the scientific study of human life, social groups, whole societies and the human world as’s subject matter is our own behaviour as social beings. The scope of sociology is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis of...encounters between the

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  • A Fatal Accident

    A Fatal Accident A Fatal accident is something horrible that can happen with somebody and the worst part is when it happens; person sees a glance of death and that time he realizes his mistakes as well. A fatal accident could pace a positive effect on person’s life if he learns a lesson from

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  • Leadership Models

    Leadership Models Jaimie Wimer University of Phoenix Leadership Models The word leadership has different meanings to different people. There appears to be no one exact definition of leadership, just as there is no one exact leadership style. According to Wren (1995) the definition and

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  • Invictus

    The movie invictus portrays a very controversial issue that has been presented throughout history in many ethnic groups and is seen in societies up to these days. The apartheid is clearly pictured in the movie through many of the attitudes and actions that people take towards the other race

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  • The Need for Counselling in Kenya and the World Today

    THE NEED FOR COUNSELLING IN KENYA AND THE WORLD TODAY On September 12,2011 over a hundred people were feared dead in a morning inferno that happened in the Sinai slums.Victims of the Sinai fire and relatives of the deceased needed counselling in order to cope with the trauma as a result of

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  • Global Connections

    The broad concepts the Global Connections theme teaches are that humans connect with other humans from around the world. From the beginning of time for mankind, we have observed and learned from watching others around us. This has enabled us to create new things, things we possibly might not

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  • Pay It Forward - We Can Change the World

    If someone did you a favor, something big, something that you could not do on your own, and instead of paying it back, you paid it forward to three people. Imagine the next day, they each paid it forward to three more people. And imagine the day after, those 27 people each paid it forward to

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  • Isp Summary

    ISP Summary We chose to do our integrated study plan project on nature as the season change. We felt this topic was appropriate because the children seemed really interested in the outdoors at the beginning of the semester. We split our main topic into three parts- animals, trees, and weather.

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  • Introduction to Sociology

    05/12/2011 Oana Cristina Merca Introduction to Sociological Themes and Perspectives The word “sociology” has its roots from the Latin “socius” which

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  • Social Studies Interview and Standards Investigation

    Running Head: INTERVIEW AND STANDARDS INVESTIGATION Interview and Standards Investigation Sarah Woods Grand Canyon University EED 465 Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment: Social Studies Leah Barley December 8, 2011 Interview and Standards Investigation Social studies is a

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  • Learning Definition

    Definition Learning Abstract: What is Learning? Does a new term need to be coined for learning? One hundred and four students undergraduate and graduate were asked to respond to the question. Their responses were coded using the five levels researcher designed rubric which was modeled after

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  • Early Adolescents' Perceptions of Peer Pressure

    The Journal of Early Adolescence Early Adolescents' Perceptions of Peer Pressure B. Bradford Brown, Mary Jane Lohr and Eben L. McClenahan The Journal of Early Adolescence 1986 6: 139 DOI: 10.1177/0272431686062005 The online version of this article can be found at:

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  • Native Americans Dbq Essay

    Due: Social Studies; Native Americans Essay Thousands of years ago the Native Americans crossed the land-bridge. Then the Native Americans spit-up and settled and created the culture areas. Depending on

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  • Crime and Violence

    The Causes and Effects of Crime and Violence In the Gordon Pen Community The Causes and Effects of Crime and Violence In the Gordon Pen Community School Based Assessment Subject: Social Studies School: Kingston College Candidate#: Centre#: Territory: Teacher: Year:

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  • Online Computer Aided Survey

    COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY NOTRE DAME AVENUE, COTABATO CITY 9600, PHILIPPINES Online Computer Assisted Survey System Database Management System IT322 A PROJECT Presented to the Faculty of College of Computer Studies Notre Dame University Cotabato City

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  • Fasting Feasting

    INGESTION, DIGESTION AND REVULSION OF FOOD AND CULTURE IN ANITA DESAI'S FASTING, FEASTING T. RAVICHANDRAN* ABSTRACT This article attempts a cultural study offood and eating habits in Anita Desai's Booker Prize short-listed novel, Fasting, Feasting. It shows how the ingestion offood affects

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  • How Can Social Science Theory Help Reduce Crime

    Social Science is a very diverse subject, it covers all aspects of society. It makes sense of various phenomenon that takes place within society. It is divided into many sub-categories such as psychology, sociology, anthropology and criminology. It’s study affects all aspects of society. In

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  • Pnoy

    Malate Catholic School Girls- High School Department Social Studies IV Performance-based Task CN: 29 Name: Inna Manlangit Ms. R. Bisnar

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  • Executive Mba Marketing - Consumer Behaviour

    1. You are the brand manager of a new line of light weight autofocus, economically priced digital cameras. Describe how an understanding of consumer behaviour will help you in your segmentation strategy and promotion strategy. What are the consumer behaviour variables that are crucial to your

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  • Reflection Paper, Pay It Forward Movie

    PAY IT FORWARD What do you do when someone does you a favor? Instead of paying him back, Trevor McKinney tells you to pay it forward. Pay It Forward is about a 7th grader Trevor McKinney, the son of an alcoholic and single mother Arlene. Mr. Simonet is Trevor's unconventional Social

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  • Social Construction of Illness

    Journal of Health and Social Behavior The Social Construction of Illness : Key Insights and Policy Implications Peter Conrad and Kristin K. Barker Journal of Health and Social Behavior 2010 51: S67 DOI: 10.1177/0022146510383495 The online version of this article can be

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  • Great Gatsby Chapter 5

    Write about the ways the story is told in Chapter 5. Chapter 5 of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ creates a contrasting tone to what has previously occurred in the novel. Fitzgerald generally creates a surreal atmosphere in order to control the manner in which many readers approach

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  • Is the Use of Deception in Social Science Research on Human Participants Justified?

    Title: Is the Use of deception in social science research on human participants justified? By Noel Matea, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 2011. Introduction The ethical issue in human subjects’ research continues to receive greater attention within the research ethics

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  • Prevention and Intervention Programs for Juvenile Offenders

    Prevention and Intervention Programs for Juvenile Offenders Prevention and Intervention Programs for Juvenile Offenders Peter Greenwood Summary Over the past decade researchers have identified intervention strategies and program models that reduce delinquency and promote pro-social

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