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Reproductive Health

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  • Condom Hunt

    Contraception Condom Hunt: Extra Credit Due: November 15, 2004 1. Location of store and Location of Condoms Wal-Mart store # 1081 3570 SW Archer Road Gainesville Fl, 32608 • The store is located in Butler Plaza next to gator mania. From the UF campus if you take North South Drive and make

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  • Growing Concern of Aid in the African American Community

    The Growing Epidemic of AIDS/HIV In the African-American Community By Idris Abdul Zahir In the early 1980's Kaposi's sarcoma, a cancer usually associated with elderly men of Mediterranean ethnicity. Eventually the men wasted away and died. As the realization that gay men were dying of an otherw

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  • Baseball

    #include #include #include using namespace std; class List; class Iterator; class Node { public: /* Constructs a node with a given data value. @param s the data to store in this node */ Node(string s); private: string data; Node* previous; Nod

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  • Teaching Sex Ed. in School

    How to teach school based programs on sexuality and sexual health is a hot topic in today's society. The government, including President Bush, has stated that schools should implement ‘abstinence only' teaching programs to educate students to wait until marriage to engage in sexual activity. Howe

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  • Smoking Needs to Be Stopped

    Smoking needs to be stopped Millions of people around the world enjoy the disgusting habit of smoking. This habit contributes to an epidemic of disease, which brings pain, suffering and death to millions every year (Active Smoking). We need to end this suffering by banning smoking in all its f

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  • Abortion: One of the Most Controversial Topics Today

    Abortion: One of the Most Controversial Topics Today In the early American Colonies, English Common Law was adopted by the United States, which declared abortion forbidden. The procedure was ruled a misdemeanor if performed before quickening, which meant "feeling life," and a felony if performed

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  • Statistics Case Study 1

    Statistics Case Study-1 Age Weeks Employed 55 21 30 18 23 11 52 36 41 19 25 12 42 7 45 25 25 6 40 21 25 13 25 11 59 34 49 27 33 18 35 20 a. Age Weeks Employed Mean 37.75 Mean 18.6875 Standard Error 2.974195 Standard Error 2.188452 Median 37.5 Median 18.5 Mode 25 Mode 21

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  • Aids in the Third World Country

    In 2004 circa 95 thousand people died in Latin America. Cause of death? In a world of today where there is an abundance of bloodshed and carnage, surprisingly violence is not the primary cause of death but AIDS is. Having taken health classes for over five years, HIV/AIDS and STD¡¯s were not new o

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  • El Salvador

    I woke up on a Friday morning to catch my plane back to Los Angeles. I was coming back from a 3 week vacation from El Salvador. I was really sick the morning I arose to eat a delicious breakfast. But it wasn't a fever or a cold. It was more of a confusing and stressful hangover. The night before, I

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  • Teen Pregnancy

    UNFPA in the Philippines UNFPA began its programme of assistance to the Philippines in 1969. Since 1972, there have been five Country Programmes with a cumulative package of assistance in the amount of US$106.9 million. For over 30 years, UNFPA's contribution has successfully borne fruit as

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  • Mary Flannery O'Connor

    MARY FLANNERY O'CONNOR Flannery O'Connor was a Southern writer especially noted for 32 incisive short stories before a tragic death at the age of 39. Mary Flannery O'Connor was born March 25, 1925 in Savannah, Georgia, the only child of Francis and Regina O'Connor. The family lived on Lafaye

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  • Hpv & Cervical Cancer

    HPV & Cervical Cancer - What Every Woman Should Know I was eighteen years old when I had my first abnormal pap smear. I received a call from my OB/GYN's office and was informed that I had the Human Papilloma Virus show up on my pap smear. This was the first pap smear I had ever had, and I was

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  • Preparing for Anal Sex

    Preparing for Anal Sex To get ready for anal sex, the first thing the receiver needs to do is relax. A hot bath or a massage beforehand is always a good idea to get prepared. The sphincter muscles around the anus won't let anything pass comfortably unless they're relaxed. Discuss the limits, exp

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  • Conjugal Visitation Right

    Conjugal Visitation Right I'm completely against the idea of conjugal visits. I feel there's nothing good that can come out of a conjugal visit. There's a potenial danger of somebody getting hurt, a pregnancy, or become infected with a STD which the taxpayer has to pay for. This is one type of

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  • Sex Differences

    History of Sex Sex throughout history has always been around. Although sex was always around the beliefs and morals were different between the centuries. The Victorian age and the modern age have many differences in the beliefs and morals of sex. The Victorian age was more conservative about there

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  • Who Are We Really Harming?

    Who are we really harming? Canada is often recognized by the rest of the world for its public policy of free speech and human rights. In Canada and the US there are some laws, such as the illegalization of prostitution and its solicitation, that are somewhat based on perspective and opinion, an

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  • Me and Him

    all functions - o obasis file= obasis(filename) or file= openb(filename) or file= openb(filename, clogfile) (If you typed help,openb and are reading this, then consider the latter two forms. If you typed help,obasis, consider

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  • Twins

    Ten years ago, my mom and dad decided to have a second child. Shortly after becoming pregnant, my mother began to have some complications. She met with her obstetrician and after some blood tests and a sonogram; they were told that she would most likely miscarry. When a woman becomes pregnant the le

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  • Prostitution Paper

    A Look at Lars Ericsson: Charges Against Prostitution Lars Ericsson proves his conclusion that prostitution is morally unobjectionable through three separate premises. The first is "It is morally unobjectionable for a consumer to purchase nonsexual services from a supplier in a free exchange on

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  • Abortions Are Not Something That Is Desired

    There are 1.3 million women who have abortions each year. 23% favor abortion under all circumstances and 55% favors in some situations. Three in five Americans believe abortion should be legal. Abortions give women a right to abort a pregnancy to better enhance their lives; with a child they ma

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  • Condom Machines on Campus

    Condom Machines on Campus August 23, 2005 Condom Machines on Campus Condom machines on campus, who would have thought that there would be a need to promote safe sex in today's society. We live in a society now where sex is everywhere. It is on the radio, on the TV, and it is even on some car

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  • Emancipation Proclamation

    The Creepy Crawlies Issues too many American's are embarrassed to deal with are Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD's). This epidemic has affected the entire world, and we must take it seriously because it spreads at a very rapid rate and many have no cures and can result in death. First, we must

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  • Abortion

    In the first article "Abortion": July 05,2005, I believe is very religiously based, but isn't everything, when it comes down to teenagers, and sex. I think that Pro-Life Wisconsin is wrong. When my daughter is 13 - 16 years old, and her hormones are "raging" I would rather her know her options out

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  • Teenagers and Culture

    Teenagers and Culture In today's culture teenagers undergo a lot of unnecessary stress. Young adolescence lives are a lot more complicated than they use to be. Everything that happened use to be so understandable and it always had a reason but in today's ever changing culture it nothing like tha

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  • Epidemilogy "Syphillis"

    Section I. Snapshot of Characteristics of Syphilis 1) Factors that may explain why some people develop syphilis while other people do not is due to individual determinants which include a person's genetic makeup, gender, age, immunity level, diet, behaviors and existing diseases (Aschengrau, 200

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  • Abortion

    ABORTION ____________________________________________________________ ___________ MONOGRAPHS Statistics Abortion: a tabulation of available data on the frequency and mortality of unsafe abortion. 1990. Geneva: WHO. 115p. Call No.: H 520 WOR. Bruyn, Maria de. 2003. Violence,

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  • To Bleed or Not to Bleed

    Females, imagine a life of no cramps, bloating, or mood swings, being able to live freely and not having to worry about if it is that time of the month and having to get tampons or pads. Imagine a life where you could swim whenever you want, do as strenuous of activities as you wanted, or even not w

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  • Enron

    Going by the effect of change in temperature in the past four years on the revenues of PNW, we know that a hedge against weather risk is of paramount importance for Mary Watts, the chief financial officer of PNW. The net income of PNW for 1999 was only 8 million while the yearly capital expenditure

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  • Student

    With the "clinical years" underway, I was interested to see how long it would be before I was culturally tested. Much to my surprise, this time was much shorter than I had anticipated. Looking back to the beginning of my Family Medicine clerkship here in Latrobe, I can see how naive I had been

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  • John Donne - "The Apparition" Close-Reading

    John Donne – "The Apparition" In John Donne's poem, "The Apparition," the title tells us that the poem is about a person having an epiphany. We know this because the word "apparition," means "to become visible" or "an epiphany." In the opening lines of the poem, the speaker addresses his list

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