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Forget divine inspiration—writing about religion and spirituality requires nothing but good old-fashioned hard work. Whether you need to find connections between Confucianism and Christianity or explore Martin Luther’s contributions to the Protestant Reformation movement, our database of examples will help you find the light and complete your writing mission.

  • Essay on the Exodus of Israel

    The Exodus Narratives: God's Love Story with Israel "The Exodus is such a significant event in Israel's history that it serves as more than just an account of the wandering in the desert. It is a paradigm of how God deals with His people, signifying the formation of relationship."

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  • What Does It Mean to Be Catholic?

    What does it mean to be Catholic? To be Catholic means to be whole, one with community, rich in spiritual tradition. Catholicism is a lens or filter which provides a meaningful pattern to our experiences which otherwise would be lacking in life and interest. It is comprised up of faith,

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  • Kekuatan Dan Kelemahan Teologi Roh Kudus Dalam Gereja Aliran Pantekosta

    BAB I PENDAHULUAN Pantekosta, sebuah gerakan Protestan dunia yang dimulai pada abad ke 19 di Amerika serikat, yang namanya diambil dari Perayaan Hari Pantekosta, dimana orang-orang Kristen merayakan Pencurahan Roh Kudus kepada murid-murid Yesus. Gerakan Pantekosta menekankan pengalaman

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  • Blow Moulding (Plastic)

    Blow Moulding, Injection Moulding and Extrusion Blow moulding: Using blow moulding, there is a mould, and the plastic is injected into the middle of the mould and, heated until soft, then air is blasted in between the plastic so it is pressed to the outside of the mould making the shape,

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  • The Fisher King Film Elements

    The Fisher King: The Fisher King was one of Terry Gilliam’s greatest filming masterpieces of all time. There were many key movie elements used that all somehow led to or showed signs of the overall thematic issue of the film. The clear message of this film is forgiveness and grace.

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  • Is Religion Important? Why or Why Not?

    Theology 100 Father O’Leary 6/5/08 Final Exam Questions 1. Is Religion important? Why or why not? 2. Would anything change if the Tomb of Jesus was discovered and the bones within were proven to be his? 3. Think a bit about your talents and abilities. Do you think that one of

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  • Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation

    Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation Defining Dream and Vision: 1. Dream - “A sequence of images, etc. passing through a sleeping person’s mind” (Webster’s Dictionary) 2. Vision - “A mental image” (Webster’s Dictionary) 3. “In a dream, a vision of the night...” (Job 33:15) You will

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  • Evaluation of Jameson's, "Fear and Loathing in Globalization"

    Evaluation of Jameson’s, “Fear and Loathing in Globalization” In Jameson’s review, he explores the views and values that are represented by Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. He dives into Cayce Pollard’s world of “spring-loaded furniture” and extracts, through careful selection, a world in

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  • Essay 1

    REL-401-CL01 Essay 1 Using the information from Albl, define both faith and reason. Include in your explanation the different relationships that can exist between faith and reason, the different ways of describing faith, and the role of reason in theology. Faith and reason can be

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  • A Third Look at Jesus

    Summary (Seminar on a Third Look at Jesus) The seminar last February 12, 2011 tackled about “A Third Look at Jesus” which was discussed to us by Mr. Jimmy Cabag, an elementary public-school teacher in Escalante Central Elementary School, at the same time a servant in the Catholic

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  • The Renaissance

    The Renaissance was a time of change and discovery in many fields during the 15th and 16th centuries. There is no question to whether or not it should be considered an artistic and intellectual revolution. The times we live in today began with the Renaissance; it was the beginning of a new age.

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  • The Design Argument

    Facts or Beliefs- The Design Argument Saint Thomas Aquinas was a Catholic Priest in the Dominican Order and a very important medieval philosopher and theologian. He wrote a book, SummaTheologiae, presenting five proofs of God’s existence. Each of Aquina’s arguments begins with an

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  • Abortion and the Symbolic Interaction Paradigm

    In this paper, we needed to discuss whether or not abortion contributes to the corruption of today’s society, using the symbolic interaction paradigm. We have come to the consensus, as a group, that abortion does contribute to the corruption of today’s society simply because it is such a heated

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  • Act 2 Scene 3 Othello

    Iago’s Soliloquy * “Divinity of hell!” (370) * Divinity is a god or goddess. So he is referring to the God of hell, Satan. * Theology of the devil= he is saying that him being regarded as a villain for trying to lead Cassio the right way would be an argument that only Satan

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  • The Influence of the Supernatural on Courtly Conduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    Christian Williams Student ID# 995895456 Professor Watson ENGC30 December 1, 2010 The Influence of the Supernatural on Courtly Conduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In the world of medieval literature the supernatural is a consistent

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  • Evil and Suffering

    “If Only there is No God then there is No Problem:” A Theological Reflection On the Mystery of Evil And Uniqueness of God For a theologian or an ordinary person concerned with the problem of theodicy, human suffering appears to be inconsistent with the notion of a God who is all-powerful

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  • Principles for a Catholic Morality

    Theology –Christian Responsibility Principles For A Catholic Morality Timothy E. O’connell, the author of Principles For a Catholic Morality , attempts to speak plainly and directly about a topic which is, after all ,our own lives as we live them. As a personal synthesis, he tried to

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  • Never Before in History

    The founding principles on which the United States were established belong to the ongoing human quest for political and religious liberty. That quest has been the central theme of Western civilization. When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620, they were seeking religious freedom. When the

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  • Orthodox Christianity: Was Jesus Human or Divine?

    Jesus: human or divine? Was he just a human being or was he more than a human being? The first approach, Adoptionism, believed that Jesus was basically a human being who was anointed by the Holy Spirit in the same way as the prophets of the Old Testament, but to a greater extent. The next

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  • Avignon Papacy

    A question arises concerning Catholic faith, when defining venial verses Mortal Sin. What defines venial,and what defines Mortal? Further, at what point does venial sin cross the threshold and become a mortal sin? Or at what point does our actions, such as sleep, eating, and frustration turn

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  • Belonging Essay

    INTRO: Belonging is the state of being accepted and comfortable in a place or group. In the words of John O’Donohue, “the hunger to belong is not merely a desire to be attached to something. It is rather sensing that great transformation and discovery become possible when belonging is

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  • Apa Formatting Template

    Title of APA Paper Student’s Name Stevens-Henager College Abstract According to section 1.07 of the APA Publication Manual [ (2001) ], “An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article; it allows readers to survey the contents of an article quickly, and

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  • Leaves of the Banyan Tree

    A focal issue in Albert Wendt’s novel Leaves of the Banyan Tree is the influence of Christianity on Samoan culture. Leaves of the Banyan Tree opens in the small village of Sapepe during the 1930s. Traditional Samoan culture is on the decline and according to Sefrosa Carroll’s article “Weaving

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  • The Portrait of Medieval Social Classes as Presented in the General Prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer’s the Canterbury Tales

    Introduction The General Prologue fulfils two functions: it tells the story of how the tales came to be told, and it introduces the tellers. There are about thirty pilgrims travelling to Canterbury to pray to the holy blissful martyr- St. Thomas of Becket. These characters can be considered

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  • Bibliology

    Dissertation: Biblical aspect of Bibliology Bibliology, as most Christians know, is the study of the Bible, which is God’s word. The word “Bible” comes from the Greek word biblion, which means book. The original writings were prepared on papyrus, which was a plant that was cut into

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  • “Ingmar Bergman’s Differentiation in Filmography & Technique Through the Eras He Witnessed

    Faculty of Humanities and Theology A paper submitted in fulfillment of the Course Swedish national film culture in global context “Ingmar Bergman’s differentiation in filmography & technique through the eras he witnessed” “Filmmaking is a part of me. It is a driving force like

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  • Outline and Assess the Key Design Argument of the Existence of God

    Outline and assess the key design argument of the existence of God ? The design argument is concerned to find the meaning or purpose in this world; they seek to move from facts about the world to God. Like the cosmological argument, the design argument draws back to arguments put forward by

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  • Baptist Confessional Paper

    Liberty University Seminary Comparison of Anabaptist Confessions A Paper Submitted to Dr. Almer Smith In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course History of Baptists CHHI694 By Elliot Sanchez April 2, 2010 Introduction When comparing one item to the other

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  • Milton Paradise Lost Commentary

    The Renaissance era represents a complete break with the Middle Ages on a political, philosophical, scientifical and theological scale. Indeed, the discovery of new territories and the expeditions of explorers such as Francis Drake, the resurgence of classic writtings, the new scientific

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  • Faith and Reason Essay (Theology)

    Ashley Reynolds STUDENT TH101: THEOLOGY MAJOR ESSAY Faith&Reason “Faith and Reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth” Explain the dangers for a theologian when faith and reason are divorced from each other. Use at least one example of a

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