Elizabethan England. Machiavelli. Chinese communism. In a student’s world, these types of topics can give new meaning to the term "political pressure." Luckily, offers relief in the form of government essays and research examples.

  • Why Did King Victor Emmanuel Ii Invite Mussolini to Power in October 1

    "Fascism...was a super-relativist movement with no fixed principles, ready for almost any alliance." (Denis Mack Smith in 'Mussolini' - 1981) Background Italian unification was in 1861, from this point up until Mussolini came into power in 1922 Italy was ruled by 'parliamentary

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  • Anarchy vs. Liberalism

    Contemporary liberal and anarchist philosophy are both two very different ways of trying to see what would be the best way to run society. While discussing these two ideologies I will try to show how both, in their purist sense, are not able work in today's society effectively. Contemporary

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  • Realism vs. Liberalism

    International Politics Gerard Chretien Professor: Jennifer Dwyer May 2, 2001 The realist perspective on international political economy can be seen in the United States international trade policy with China. The United States being an established world

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  • Plato vs. Aristotle

    By Gerard Chretien Plato vs. Aristotle Numerous experts in modern time regard Plato as the first genuine political philosopher and Aristotle as the first political scientist. They were both great thinkers in regards to, in part with Socrates, being the foundation of the great western

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  • Insight to Quiet American

    By Gerard Chretien English:Vietnam Prof: Morgan Shulz 2002 Insight to Quiet American For those who haven't read the book, its both an odd love story and a metaphor for American involvement in Vietnam. The hero, Fowler is a washed up, middle aged, English war correspondent,

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  • Aristotle Phronesis

    Am Phronesis According to Aristotle and his theories, there are two basic types of intellectual virtues by which we live our lives. The two intellectual virtues that he speaks of are wisdom and phronesis. Wisdom is a virtue that we are able to gain and increase throughout our lives

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  • Major Causes of the French Revolution

    DBQ Essay: What were the major causes of the French Revolution? (Discuss three.) The major cause of the French Revolution was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society. The French Revolution of 1789-1799 was one of the most important events in the history

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  • Shakespeare Coriolanus Quote Summary

    Shakespeare Coriolanus Journal 1 "I sin in envying his nobility;And were I any thing but what I am,I would wish me only he. Aufidis—Act 1 sc. 1 page 230 I think this quote describes the love of Coriolanus. Coriolanus longs to encounter Aufidius man-to-man. Aufidius, on his end,

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  • Women in Society

    The role of women in society has always been an issue throughout the ages and throughout Western Europe, and more or less all over the world. Before the age of the Enlightenment, or the Dark Ages, women were always seen as secondary to men in all aspects. Most reasons were religious while

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  • The Perils of Regionalism: Genocide in Rwanda

    In Priestley's "Wrong Ism", he claims that nationalism is not the strength that binds a country together, but rather all of the small local areas we are all accustomed to growing up in that gives us strength. Priestley considers nationalistic ideas and movements to be headed by people who have

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  • Sex, Gender, and Politics

    Sex, Gender and Politics are intricately involved. They are very close topics. There have been many books written on the subject, including ones by, Graglia, Young, Sommers, and Gilder. Gilder said that sex is suicide. Schlafly is the utmost jerk of gender, and if one wants to be truly

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  • Analysis of Randall Jarrell's "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner"

    Many of the great poems we read today were written in times of great distress. One of these writers was Randall Jarrell. After being born on May 6, 1914, in Nashville Tennessee, Jarrell and his parents moved to Los Angeles where his dad worked as a photographer. When Mr. and Mrs. Jarrell

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  • Who Were the Progressives?

    Who Were the Progressives? (ca. 1890s-1910s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even more energetic a sphere of historical controversy than that over the Populists is the historians' argument over the Progressive movement. The Progressives were a

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  • Equss vs Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

    In both Equus and Amadeus Shaffer shows insanity in his characters. He does this not only to stress the characters feelings and state of mind of which they are in. Also, he attempts to cast a blanket over the reader; it gives the reader the feeling that Shaffer designed the characters to

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  • The Search for Wisdom

    The Search for Wisdom Wisdom, as defined in the dictionary, is "the sum of learning through the ages; knowledge". Plato's Socrates indicates that wisdom is the acknowledgement of ignorance. This statement may be hard to prove as true. If a deaf and dumb man came to realize that he knew

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  • Athenian Democracy

    Discuss the Athenian definition of democracy. Is the city state the only kind of state in which true democracy can exist? What happens to democracy when it is applied to a society with a large dispersed population? What are other examples of democratic societies besides Athens? Compare and

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  • Bush Doctrine

    America's Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine With barely a debate, the Bush doctrine has set out a radically new -- and dangerous -- role for the United States. On September 20, the Bush administration published a national security manifesto overturning the established order. Not because

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  • Gifford Pinchot

    Gifford Pinchot Gifford Pinchot was one of America's leading advocates of environmental conservation at the turn of the twentieth century. Born into wealth and endowed with imagination and a love of nature, he shared his money, possessions and intellect to further the causes of the common

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  • Romania - Ecotourism in Romania

    Fascinating Romania At the eastern edge of Europe, Romania is perhaps best known for its Black Sea resorts, such as Mamaia and the Greco-Byzantine port of Constanta, and the Danube delta, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its rich wetlands and abundant bird-life. The

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  • Racism in British Immigration

    RACISM IN BRITISH IMMIGRATION Introduction The purpose of this paper is that to highlight what I see as racist, unjust and inhumane elements in Britain's immigration system and the culture of secrecy surrounds it. The permanent residents (who has indefinite leave to remain), central to this

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  • Yeats and His Treatment of Irish Concerns

    Discuss with reference to at least three poems, Yeats' treatment of Irish Concerns Yeats changes his treatment of Irish concerns throughout his life and these changes are reflected in his poetry. Three poems that reflect these changes are 'September 1913', 'Easter 1916' and 'Under Ben

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  • Bonds Between Mother and Daughter

    Bond 2 Bonds Between Mother and Daughter Even before birth a mother and child share a special bond. This bond is like no other, for it is miracle to have a baby growing inside your body. The feelings that emerge with this miracle are too strong for words. After birth, the bond

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  • Why Are People Unequal in Society

    Why are People Unequal in Society? According to Philosopher's of the time of enlightenment the nature of society created inequality. These philosophers also believed that it was the job of the government to limit inequality and try to create conformity. Now we are able to see that

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  • The Athenian and American Systems of Government

    Athens of ancient Greece had perhaps the most advanced system of government of the ancient world. The system of Athens was called a Democracy. That is, every citizen voted on everything. People have claimed that the United States is also a Democracy. This is not true. The government of the

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  • What Effects Did the Vietnam War Have on American Society?

    K** B********* Eng. Comp. II What effects did the Vietnam War have on American society? The Vietnam War had a profound effect on American society. It changed the way we viewed our government, the media, and our Constitutional rights. Because of this shift in perspective, the

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  • Voices of Protest

    Voices of Protest: The Politician and the Radio Priest Alan Brinkley, the author of Voices of Protest, wrote about Huey Long and Father Coughlin who launched attacks on Roosevelt's administration during the years of 1933 – 1935. This period of time was during the great depression. The

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  • Master Harold

    Athol Fugard's 'Master Harold' . . . and the Boys is about Hally, a white young man, and the damage done by apartheid The play takes place on the southeast cost of South Africa, 1950 during the apartheid, in Hally's parents' restaurant. This is where two black servants, Sam and Willie, work for

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  • Cultural Values

    Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine how personal, organizational, and cultural values affect decision making in my personal and professional life. My cultural, organizational and personal values represent my beliefs and traditions of my cultural environment. Through my research,

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  • Inequality and Constitution

    Liberty, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is explained as the "condition of being free from restriction or control; the right and power to act, believe or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing". Liberty is a word familiar to most Americans, since the fundamentals of the country

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  • Review of "Since Yesterday"

    Review of Frederick Lewis Allen: Since Yesterday: the 1930's America. (New York: Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc., 1939), 362 pp. Frederick Lewis Allen's book tells in great detail how the average American would have lived in the 1930's. He covers everything from fashion to politics and

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