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English Composition

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Tons of English students, that's who. Put your fears to rest with our vast selection of English composition papers. Whether you're writing about Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" or a personal narrative about a life event, let guide you toward literary genius.

  • An Analysis of If Men Could Me

    From your perspective (male or female) how valid are the speculations offered by the author of "If Men Could Menstruate" Nothing With out a woman A hypothesis on a hyperbole is the best description one can render onto this piece by Gloria Steinem. The ideas present in the essay "If Men

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  • Requirement English Composition

    Few Americans can understand the elaborate and superlative language of the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. This results from a lack in English education in all academic tiers. Dropping English composition from the requirements for Associate degrees would further decimate the form and le

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  • English Comp

    English Composition is a class that is needed for all functions of life. Without comprehension of literature, language, and sentence formation, a person cannot go through the basic tasks of life. Most careers involve the handing in of a resume, and then proposals to follow. Not to mention persuasive

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  • Rainbows

    Rainbows 1 Rainbows and Butterflies Steve Felice English Composition II Michelle Fernane February 20th, 2007 Rainbows 2 When we think of a gay person, most people think of stereotypical things such as rainbows, flowers, etc. For what reason, I have no idea. Perhaps it's because s

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  • Outsider

    The main characters are Ponyboy Michael Curtis Johnny Cade, Steve Randle, Dallas Winston, Darrel "Darry" Shaynne Curtis, Jr., Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews, and Sodapop Patrick Curtis, a gang of Greasers in Tulsa. Ponyboy whose two older brothers are Darry and Sodapop narrates the story. The three boys ar

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  • A Present with Altitude

    A Present with Altitude 2 As I rose out of bed, the warm fall sun greeted me early. September third was finally here… I was finally 18. I slipped on my clothes for the day and turned for the door. The door suddenly swung open revealing my best friend Mat. "Good morning, happy birthday!" He g

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  • Unknown

    Racial Tension: Has it Ceased? Deirdre Woods English Composition 122 Donn Leiske April 14th, 2008 Racial Tension: Has it Ceased? My answer to this question is no. I do not think we will ever see the day the Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of and had a dream. Some disagree and say that rac

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  • Mr

    The Classroom and the Wider Culture Fan Shen in the article “ The Classroom and the Wider Culture”, goes over his experience in learning English composition and how he needed to reconcile his Chinese identity with an English one dictated by the rules of English composition. He found that what

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  • Edgar Allen Poe

    Romano Vargas Ms. Watts English Composition II May 2, 2008 Death-Despair-Revenge: A Recipe for a Good Drama “Scorching my seared heart with a pain, not hell shall make me fear again.” Edgar Allan Poe, Tamerlane, Part II Death, despair, and revenge, these three words form a treachero

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  • Shy Girl

    The Shy Girl English Composition 101 Kimmey Wright   The Shy Girl Ever since I can remember, I was always quiet and shy. I constantly had to repeat myself because people could not hear me the first time. Even then, I seldom made eye contact with others. When I entered high school, nothin

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  • Jfdsajkdsa

    Cipriano 1 Michelle Cipriano Mr. Prince English Composition I 29 October 2008 Racism Is Everywhere Some people were raised this way, some people may have a reason to be this way, and others just want to be this way…racist. The Constitution states that all men are created equal, so why can’

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  • Basic Writing Skills

    RUNNING HEAD: BASIC WRITING SKILLS – FINAL BASIC WRITING SKILLS – FINAL LUCINDA L. DURDEN, RMA ENGLISH COMPOSITION I PROFESSOR S. SMITH JANUARY 31, 2009 Abstract As one with any prior writing experience would know, there are certain writing skills that help to make your paper more legible

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  • Verbage Paper

    Catherine Eisenberger ID 20788678 Exam 05085904 Page 1 of 3 1221 Goshen Mill Rd Peach Bottom, PA 17563 As I sit here pondering my writing experiences, I can honestly say that my ability to write and express myself effectively has grown a great deal. In my early years,

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  • Multitaskers

    Diez1 David Diez Professor Warshaw English Composition 1101 27 August 2009

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  • Way Back to College

     College the keys of today to open the door of a brighter tomorrow Kajohn Hillman ENG 121: ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (GSC0940I)

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  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman

    Brandi Lee English Composition 1301 Ms. Lorna M. Ivey 26 November 2007 “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” In the movie _Diary of a Mad Black _Woman, one is shown events that happen in a person’s everyday life. Throughout this movie one would see behavior with both positive and negativ

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  • Free Speech Ca Ensure Responsibility

    Free Speech Can Ensure Responsibility By Mark Hochendoner Instructor Matthew Harris English Composition II - ENGL-102-V09 March 25, 2007 Derek Bok served as president of Harvard University from 1971 to 1991. Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Bok received his undergraduate education f

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  • Oedipus, the King

    Derrick Seals Seals 1 Ms. Carole Hemmye English Composition II, 9532 19 February 2010 Adoption, a Rewarding Experience As I completed reading Oedipus the King, I could not stop thinking of the different ways Oedipus and King Laius could have avoided the tragedies that ruined

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  • Flat Essay

    Lisa Andersen Jeff Kosse, Instructor ENG 105: English Composition I March 13, 2010 Our Modern World The world is flat! One unsuspecting person might think that I’m very naïve to make such an assertion. In fact, I’d argue that the other person was rather naïve after reading The W

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  • Demonology

    Inas M. Mohamed Professor Erin McMillan English Composition 102 February 6 2010 Limitless Pictures, infinite memories. “Demonology,” touching story by Rick Moody, portrays the life of his beloved sister Meredith as he reminisces through chronologically fragmented snapsho

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  • The Proposal

    English Composition March 22, 2010 Research Proposal After much deliberation I have decided the topic I shall research for my final paper will be about Americans loss of individuality and identity due to manipulation by the mainstream media. This overly lengthy topic capture my interest bec

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  • Autism

    “Autism” By Jonelle Dance English Composition 2 Ms. Frazier Autism, by definition, is a developmental disability that is characterized by a lack of social skills and other ritualistic behaviors. The severity between individuals ranges from very mild to very severe. Years ago autism was t

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  • My Experience in English Composition

    My experiences in this six-week English Composition-I class have been challenging and rewarding, as well as educating and developing. As far as challenging, I have only been able to attend half of the classes and therefore have only learned half as much as I could have learned otherwise. Although ex

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  • Chararcter Analysis

    English Composition 6-30-2010 Inigo Montoya If you were fighting till death in a sword match, and you lost, but didn’t die, would you go back, rescue your opponent and save his life? This is exactly what Inigo Montoya did in the movie; Princess Bride. Throughout the movie, we find out tha

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  • To Befriend a Corpse: Symbolism of the Fur in Miss Brill

    Clinging to her neck and nearly embracing her, the lifelike fur upon Miss Brill gazes with the lifeless eyes of death. In the short story Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill specifically chooses the fur to complement her attire on her special outing to the town concert. Miss Brill has few

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  • Should Surrogate Motherhood Be

    Amy Mcfre Oct. 18, 2008 Mrs. Dema English Composition I The Holidays Celebrated by Chinese Culture There are many different holidays celebrated by different cultures. In my culture we have three traditional holidays celebrated by all Chinese peopl

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  • Water Bed or Memory Foam

    Water Bed or Memory Foam 1 Water Bed or Memory foam Kristin Teague English Composition I Brian Davis June 21, 2010 Water Bed or Memory Foam 2 Last year my boyfriend finally got me to get rid of my water bed and replace it with a memory foam bed. It took him about three years to g

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  • The Bicycle Bandit

    Derek van Kluyve Ms. Hubbard English Composition 101 31 August 2010 The Bicycle Bandit There are many times in a young man’s life where he has the opportunity to speak out but chooses not to. This could be done out of fear, hatred or even envy. There have been times in my own life where

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  • Spoiled Children

    For my Unit 2 IP for English Composition I have desided to do an essay on the following topic, “Spoiled children”. First off, one can actually see how disrespectfully children speak and deal with adults as well. For an example, the other day me and my girlfriend went to the mall to go see a mov

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  • Adoption Fictional

    Wendy Flores August 17, 2010 English Composition Midterm Abandoned Child As Sister Mary and I discussed the decline of nuns in the U.S since 1987, we heard a child's cry. (The Reader's Companion to U.S Women's History) We stood for a second and waited for the cry again. There were rarely any ch

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