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Business Law

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  • Legal Education in the Us

    Legal Education In The US There is no undergraduate law degree in the United States; thus, students cannot expect to study law without first completing an undergraduate degree. Basic admissions requirements for American law schools are a Bachelor's degree in any field and the Law School Admissions

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  • The American Judicial System: Does It Favor the Criminal?

    OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Youthful Offenders A. Mistaken Notion of Leniency B. Proof of Increased Effort to Criminalize Youthful Offenders 1. Stronger Penalties 2. Prison Population C. Preventative Affects III. Drug & Violent Crimes A. Mistaken Notion of Leniency B. "

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR refers to a number of various processes that can be used to resolve legal disputes other than by litigation. Recently, methods of dispute resolution which focus on arbitration, mediation and negotiation as an alternative to adjudication have gained notoriety.

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  • Pornography

    Suppose one accepts MacKinnon and Dworkin's suggested statutory definition of pornography. How does one who generally accepts MacKinnon and Dworkin's views on the pervasively harmful effect of pornography, and who accepts a need for legal redress of the harms perpetrated by pornography, deal with po

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  • Accounting Ethics

    paper will discuss the public perception of CPAs in today's society, pitfalls that they may encounter, methods to prevent some of these negative behaviors and consequences they may face should they fall short. Most "Who Do You Trust?" surveys rank politicians, lawyers and used car salesmen at the bo

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  • A Sweepstakes Scandal

    Persuasion is "the process by which a person's attitudes or behaviors are, without duress, influenced by communications from other people (Encyclopedia Britannica Online). There are numerous types of persuasion and in many forms. In the following pages I will take you on a journey through the tacti

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  • Cigarette Litigation

    Cigarette Litigation In August 1970 a leading tobacco defense attorney, David R. Hardy, wrote a confidential letter warning that indiscreet comments by industry scientists, including references to biologically active components of cigarette smoke and the search for a safer cigarette, constitute a

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  • Microsoft Case

    Microsoft Anti-Trust Lawsuit When the Department of Justice and 19 state Attorneys General filed antitrust suits against the Microsoft Corporation, the issue was not whether the company's industry-dominating Windows software operating system constituted a monopoly. With Windows serving as the comma

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  • Business Law

    Business Law BA 434 SE Midterm Exam 2001 Spring Term Question One: Jim's promise is not enforceable under the contract law. A contract consists of 3 elements: 1) offer, 2) acceptance, and 3) consideration. The offer must be definite . It must have 1) subject, 2) price, 3) offeree

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  • Pisces

    As a very effective leader who has had a positive impact on others, I chose to write about myself. First, I will give you a little background information on me. Second, I will discuss some specific qualities that contribute to my effective leadership. To conclude, I will provide you with several e

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  • Civil Action

    A CIVIL ACTION The legal system is an essential element in the successful operation of this country. It is a system that is utilized every day, by every type of person, from the average blue-collar worker to the average Wall Street broker. There is a multitude of ways that the legal system is

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  • Marketing Plan for a New Product

    Introduction In this assignment, I am going to invent a product, examine all the environmental aspects surrounding it and relate them to the micro and macro environments. I will then carry out a SWOT analysis and an environmental analysis and then draw a number of conclusions and recommendations

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  • Smoking

    Cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important source of preventable morbidity and premature mortality worldwide. Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 440,000 American lives each year, including those affected indirectly, such as babies born prematurely due to prenatal maternal s

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  • Crazy Lanie

    Katie Lanie transferred to Seton Catholic high school during our junior year. Katie's reason for leaving Carl Isle high school centered around one shadowy statement, "No one in that school understood me." Katie said this to me almost every day and I produced only mixed reactions to her claim. I t

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  • Privacy in Banking Industry

    How much do trust your bank or other institutions that have access to your financial and personal information? It may be time that all Canadians ask themselves this important question. This is a major issue in today's world. We are living in the Information Age, and with all the technological advanc

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  • Abortion Is a "Fundamental" Right

    Abortion, which has been legal for over 23 years, is against the Constitution and the Supreme Court case that legalized, it should be overturned. In 1971 a pregnant single woman (Roe) brought a class action suit challenging the constitutionality of the Texas criminal abortion laws, which prohibited

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  • Analysis of High Turnover Rate

    Analysis of High Turnover Rate Introduction High turnover rate of minorities and female employees has become a serious issue in the United States. Even though many ethnic races form this country, male Anglo-Saxons dominate the majority of the workforce. It is not uncommon for minority and female

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  • Time Management Action Plan

    For me it seems like there is too many tasks to complete and seldom enough time. Effective and efficient time management is something that I have room for improvement on and have great use of. I started by taking a time management survey. #1 Accept Problem My results from this diagnostic surve

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  • Implied Terms

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Introduction 2) Implied Terms 3) Custom / Usage 4) Court 5) Past Dealings 6) Statute 7) Goods Act 8) Trade Practices Act 9) Conclusion 10) Recommendations 11) Bibliography INTRODUCTION Agreements are formed in almost every communicatio

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  • Accounting Code of Ethics

    New York State Accounting Code of Ethics Contemporary Business Law 1 Monica G. Bradshaw June 1, 2004 New York State Accounting Code of Ethics Introduction The accounting system is constantly changing. During these changes, it is important for accountants to adhere to the high eth

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  • Ethics

    Ethics is more than legality Ethics • Standards of moral behavior; behavior that is accepted by society as right versus wrong. Ethics begins wit each of us • It is helpful to ask yourself the following questions when facing an ethical dilemma. o It is legal? o It is balanced? Am I a

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  • Law Letter

    Liam Feeney 0206956 LA250 Assessment Business Law 1 Jason Campbell 04/04/2004 Mr Alvin Gaxton Bennies Buses Managing Directors Office Dundee Dear Mr Gaxton: While looking over the information, which you sent me, I am replying to advise you of the liability that Bennies Buses has

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  • Parable of the Sadhu

    Forty years after the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), full time working women still earn an average of 80 percent for each dollar earned by men. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 1999 women earned only 72 cents for every dollar than men earned. This is approximately a 13 cent improvement from t

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  • Walgreen vs. Wisconsin Pharmacy

    Business Law I Brief of Court Case Walgreen Co. vs. Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board Citation: It was decided on February 19, 1998. Wisconsin Appellate Court The owner and operator of several pharmacies of the Walgreen Company in Wisconsin violated various regulatory statutes and admini

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  • Business Law

    Law Business Law. . March 21, 2005 Every year business and individuals file for bankruptcy it has almost become common practice to do so. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that begins when an individual or business that can't pay their debts to creditors. Sadly enough, there were as many

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  • Business Law-Historical Development of the Tests

    We live in a legal system in which we all have a duty to protect other persons from harm. The question the court must examine is what degree of duty exists under what specific circumstances. Although there were some attempts in the late 19th century to develop a general test, there was no accepted t

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  • Business-to-Business Entity

    Business-to-Business Entity Joe operates LawnScapes Plus, a commercial landscape and tree trimming business in Woodbury, Minnesota. His business focuses primarily on the maintenance of lawns and trees for a wide-range of commercial customers — churches, resorts, retail centers, and corporate cam

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  • Criminal Justice Paper

    Case Paper I went to a case in Peoria, Illinois at the Peoria County Courthouse. The case that I observed was not the first that I have seen there and actually the first case I saw there was similar to the one that I had saw for my Business Law class. The case that I saw was Sate vs. Wilkers a

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  • Business Law

    A family of a man, who died shortly after he was arrested, is suing the city of Rochester saying that the police beat and smothered him to death. On October 15, 2003 a lawsuit was filed in a federal court on behalf of Lawrence Rogers. The lawsuit says that Rogers died shortly after he h

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  • Erin Brockovich

    In the film Erin Brockovich, a poor single-mother, Erin, begs for a job as a secretary. When she gets interested in a family's medical problems, she uncovers a huge cover-up from a company who knowingly contaminated the town's water. As she digs deeper, Erin finds herself leading her law firm in o

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