U.S. Army 8 Person Funeral Detail

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C-12. The 8 man funeral detail normally consists of an OIC or NCOIC (depending on the rank of the deceased veteran), an NCOIC of the firing party, a five or six soldier firing party (who also act as pallbearers) and a bugler, if available. For this description there is an OIC of the funeral detail and an NCOIC of the firing party/pallbearers.


C-13. Weapons are pre-stacked in an appropriate position, in plain view, and a good distance from the gravesite. The firing party, acting as pallbearers, is pre-positioned along the roadside; awaiting the arrival of the hearse. The OIC is located where the hearse will stop.


C-14. As the hearse approaches, the NCOIC orders the detail to "ATTENTION" and "Present, ARMS." Once the hearse has passed the detail, the NCOIC calls the detail to "Order, ARMS" and "Parade, REST." The OIC comes to attention and present arms as the hearse approaches his position. The OIC terminates his salute when the hearse comes to a halt.

C-15. After the vehicle has come to a halt, the driver gets out and opens the rear door. The driver prepares the casket for movement to the gravesite by removing the stock. The driver pulls the casket to the rear of the hearse. The OIC, with a nod of his head, signals the NCOIC to move the pallbearers to the end of the hearse, three on each side, to remove the casket. The NCOIC marches the pallbearers into place, then orders "Mark time, MARCH;" "Detail, HALT" and "Center, FACE." After the pallbearers are facing inward, the individuals closest to the casket will grasp the handrails and pull the casket from the hearse. Each pallbearer, in turn, grasps a casket handle as it reaches him. The OIC will render a hand salute while the casket is being removed.

Moving the Casket

C-16. On the NCOIC's command of "Ready, FACE," the pallbearers will execute the appropriate facing movements so that they are all facing the feet of the casket. The NCOIC orders the detail to "Forward, MARCH." Led by the OIC, the pallbearers incline to the proper direction to move to the gravesite, ensuring the casket is level and feet first. Once the casket is over the gravesite, the NCOIC commands "Mark Time, MARCH," and "Detail, HALT." Once at the head of the gravesite, the OIC will come to render a hand salute until the casket is placed on the lowering device. To maintain uniformity the pallbearer NCOIC will command "Center, FACE." When pallbearers are facing center, the casket is set on the lowering device. After the casket is set down, the pallbearers come to attention and the OIC will drop his hand salute.


C-17. On the command "Ready, FACE," by the pallbearer NCOIC, the pallbearers all face toward the head of the casket. The next command is "Forward, MARCH." The pallbearers move from the gravesite to the location of the weapons. Just prior to reaching the stacked arms, the firing party NCOIC, and formerly the pallbearer NCOIC, gives "Mark Time, MARCH" and "Detail, HALT." The firing party NCOIC assumes their position and gives a "File from the Left, Forward, MARCH." On the command "March" the firing party performs the proper movements to form a single file to the rear of the weapons. When the firing party are to the rear of the stacked arms, the NCOIC gives "Mark Time, MARCH" and "Detail HALT," and the appropriate facing movement to face the rifles.

Retrieving the Weapons and Conclusion of Religious Services

C-18.  The next command given is "Take, ARMS." On the command of execution, the stack man secures the first two weapons. The left and right soldiers receive the weapons from the stack man. The left and right soldiers then pass the weapons to the outside soldiers. The stack man grasps his center weapon. The left and right soldiers step toward the stack and remove their weapons, returning to the position of Attention. Once...
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