P.O.B Sba

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Principles of Business

School Based Assessment

( S.B.A)


Britty’s Suave Cafe

Name: Brittney Lowe
School: Merl Grove High School
School Centre #: 10076
Candidate’s #:1000761492
Territory: Jamaica
Teacher: Mrs. Ricketts
Year: 2013

Description of Business

Britty’s Suave Café (Britty’s) is an eatery which is a private limited company owned and operated by founder Brittney Lowe. This eatery will offer and produce a wide range of delectable, succulent food that will meet the needs of the fast food-holic and home-style fetish alike, island wide.

This medium size business will employ 25 persons. It will be financed by loans, personal savings and investments. Britty’s will offer goods and services to ensure that customers get their moneys worth. In addition, with a monthly update of our menu set on making sure that all needs are met by offering scrumptious yet healthy appetizers and great meals at a very reasonable rate for weight watchers. Britty’s plans to become the leading restaurant in Kingston and thereafter Jamaica.

Mission Statement

← To ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service.

← To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide at a fair price - nutritional, well-prepared meals - using only quality ingredients.

← To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

← To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve.

This company under God’s guidance is committed to produce among its managers, offering the widest range of quality health goods and services through, prudent practices and highly efficient and motivated staff.

Organization of Marketing Department

The type of labour necessary is skilled. A skilled worker is someone who is highly trained or experienced. Britty’s will operate using a functional organizational structure. In a functional organization, employees are grouped together and work is allocated based job functional. 


Marketing Manager: - is responsible for the meals marketing and also the profit and loss of his department.

Advertising Manager: - oversees the whole process of advertising for Britty’s. The process begins from market research and finally leading to the actual sales. Advertising at Britty’s is based on the image the company seeks to portray. In this case, the company is concerned about producing a reasonably cheap, quality, nutritious and tasty products and services.

Sales Manager: - responsible for sales. Their role involves organizing, motivating and leading sales teams. They are responsible for the combined performance of the team. At Britty’s, the Sales Manager is responsible for:

← Recruiting and training sales staff; 
← Supervising, motivating and monitoring team performance; ← Allocating areas to sales executive;
← Setting budgets/objectives;
← networking with customers which includes actual selling (Wholesalers, Retailers, etc.); and ← Keeping abreast of what competitors are doing.

Market Research

Target Market

Customers differ allot in various proportions such as expectations, taste and needs. It is therefore up to the managers to satisfy these incidents. Market research is therefore a very imperative tool with which customers’ desires/ needs are made exposed. Prior to this being done the potential customers has to be identified. This is completed by either:...
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