"I, Too" Analysis by Langston Hughes

Topics: Langston Hughes, African American, White American Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Langston Huges poem "I Too" is about segregation and discrimination of african americans and how he believes that it will come to an end one day soon. He uses imagery, symbols, tone,and rhythm to help create the mood of the poem. Imagry: In in the third line, "They send me to eat in the kitchen"” creates an image of him being oppressed. The image of eating represents strength, indicating that African Americans are growing in power and equality. Also, the image of a kitchen represents repression, because kitchens are usually something that is hidden away, just like the voices of African Americans were. Synbolism: In the second line, "I am the darker brother" , brother symbolizes family and tolerance. In line eight, "tomorrow" symbolizes the future of African Americans and how one day they will be equal too. In line nine, "I'll be at the table", the table represents equality with whites. Rhythm: The poem has an irregular rhythm which gives a serious and distressed feeling, which helps show the clashing and unstable relationship between African Americans and Whites of that time. Tone: There were many different tones created throughout the poem. In line one "I, too, sing America"creates a tone of unity because it suggests that African Americans are citizens as well . In lines 4-6,“"But I laugh,and eat well, And grow strong"” he uses a promising tone . In lines 11-13, " Nobody'll dare say to me, "Eat in the the kitchen" , creates a tone of anger. In lines 17-18, “"they'll see how beautiful I am And be ashamed"”creates a tone of pride for the future of African Americans.
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