I Like It in the Bum

Topics: Lie, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: March 12, 2013
“Most people I’ve talked say the they find social lying acceptable and necessary.”

Is it Wrong to tell a lie? Think about whether you would tell a lie in these circumstances: If your mother asks whether you had a cookie before dinner, and you did indeed have that cookie, would you lie and deny it? You probably would. If your best friend is wearing an extremely unattractive outfit, would you tell her she looks great even though you honestly think she looks like a walking disaster? If you knew you could get accepted at a very good university by lying on your application for admission, would you do it? If you could become wealthy by telling a lie, would you do it? If you could save a person’s life by telling a lie, would you do it?

Why do we lie? Well tell lies so that we can deceive others into believing a false statement. We do this to either make someone fell better about themselves, or to make others jealous, sad, mad, and so on. We play with peoples emotions when we lie, and when we do this we can never predict the outcome, consequences, risks, and possible gains from this, but the human mind is very delicate so we must not take it to far or to serious for in the end someone is likely to get hurt.

I’m sure that everyone has told a lie to someone at least once in their life, maybe for the good or maybe for evil, but is It wrong to tell a lie? Lying is a sketchy subject because we have to take account for all the factors involved. When your about to lie to somebody do you think about the outcome? Will it benefit you, the person your about to lie to, maybe both parties, maybe neither? Given the situation we may lie to someone to tell them that they look great when they really don’t, but would they want to know the truth? I think they would. If you stole something that wasn’t yours would you lie to them to save yourself? I know I would.

I think that if we use lying for good and to not play with others mind or emotions and for the sole purpose of making...
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