I Am Thomas: Notes

Topics: Anger, First person, Grammatical person Pages: 4 (656 words) Published: February 18, 2013
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I am Thomas Written by Armin Greder and Libby Gleeson.

* “Powerful illustrations to a spare text makes a parable of Thomas’ journey, which reflects the courage we all need to fing out passion and be ourselves” (Blurb) * Recurring images of Travel and children’s toys.

* Cover page- 3 images at the right top of page. The rest is blank * Written In first person.
* Difference in illustrations: Pastel drawings is juxtaposed with charcoal drawings. * Indicates he is ‘not the child I once was’
* Pillows: dreaming, imagination
* Magnifying glass: curiosity
* Compass: travel interest
* Shoes: adventure
* Books and atlas replaced by charcoal
* Clock- deadline and time
* Leather Shoes- polish, replaced sneakers (associated with freedom), grown up * Transistion of children to adulthood- shows change in person reflected of colours on drawings.

* Education System
* 1st person
* emphasis on ‘not’. “not child like brother”, “not student”, “not walk” * repetive sentences
* less colourful images
* Pastel images of childhood symbols are juxtaposed by school and charcoal images * Juxtaposition in ideas is about individuality and conformity, people and colours

* Home Life
* Thomas is an individual
* Shelter is his music via his headphones. He escapes the pressures of conformity through his music * Members of authority seen as scary and threatening in charcoal * Alliteration- sometimes silence; sometimes splitting angry women * Change of font and size places emphasis on how these words affect Thomas * The facial expressions of charcoal images- offer gaze, looking down, scary * Quotes

* “Do as you are told
* “Show respect”
* “Do your homework”
* “Do as we say”
* “Think like us, be like us”
* These are imperatives
* Change of font and size
* Way of thinking, his conscience
* Conformity.

* Authority Figures:
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