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Topics: Website, Web design, Project management Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: September 30, 2012
HIGH LEVEL PROJECT SUMMARY (to be drafted by the employer)
Contact Information Company Name| Netizen Testing Sdn BhdS-12B-01 Block Sapphire,One Soho, Jalan Kemajuan,47500 Subang Jaya,Selangor, Malaysia+6012 6760964www.NetizenTesting.com| Employer Executive Sponsor Name, Position & Contact Information| Mr. Tan Wee Li, 012-676 0964, weeli@netizentesting.com | Employer Project/Process Owner Name, Position & Contact Information | Mr. Tan Wee Li, 012-676 0964, weeli@netizentesting.com|

Project Name| The Importance Of User Experience on a E-commerce Website| Brief Profile of the Company| We test websites. We do this by showing website owners videos of ordinary users speaking their thoughts aloud when using the website. We crowd source our testers from all over Asia and the world. Their screen activities and their voice comments are both captured during the testing using our recording software. By watching the video, our client can see how users behave, where they are confused and why they are leaving the website. With that insight, our client is able to improve the website design. Currently, we are still in beta testing and will roll out this product from August onwards. For the start, the target is to capture the market in Asia. There are 130 million active sites in the world, with 10 million of them hosted in Asia. With Asia’s internet landscape maturing, the number of Asian websites will grow tremendously, presenting a big market opportunity for our service. | Project Problem Statement(s)/Challenge(s)| Getting sales is the most important element for every e-commerce site. User Experience (“UX”) of the website is an important element in ensuring that the user can browse and buy things easily. Therefore, we would like to you to compare the UX of a few local e-commerce site as well as to benchmark it with an international e-commerce site. In this project, we will * Study the importance of UX * Identify UX...
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