Topics: Requirements analysis, Unified Modeling Language, Software Requirements Specification Pages: 8 (1467 words) Published: April 7, 2013
AIM: To formulate the Problem Statement for E-Ticketing.
To book tickets we have to create an account in IRCTC.co.in. Then date of journey, source and destination point, train name, train number, type of class like a/c, sleeper etc. should be specified. And personal details like name, age, date of birth should be specified.

Mention the mode of payment whether it is through online banking or card system. Also mention the necessary details for making the payment like credit card number etc.
It allows user to book their tickets from any source to destination provided he/she is a authenticated user.
In case of cancellation of tickets, the amount is refunded to the respective account.
The main advantage of E-Ticketing is that it reduces the work a man does (ie) they need not wait in queue for long time to book their tickets. Another advantage is updated information about the trains can be available anytime and anywhere.

RESULT: Thus the Problem Statement for E-Ticketing was written successfully. EXPT NO:2a SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION
AIM: To develop a Software Requirement Specification(SRS) for the E-Ticketing System. 1. INTRODUCTION:

1.1 PURPOSE: The purpose of Railway Reservation System is to automate the whole process of maintaining the database of the organization about the Railway Ticketing details. 1.2 SCOPE: The Scope of this project is to create and implement the Online Railway Reservation System. The software contains four main function namely * Search Train Details

* Book Tickets
* Cancel Tickets
* Check Status

1| DB| Database|
2| PC| Personal Computer|
3| OS| Operating System|
4| VB 6.0| Visual Basic 6.0|
5| MS Access| Microsoft Access|

1.4 OVERVIEW: The remaining content of the software requirements specification is organized in the following structure: * Overall system description containing information about the product perspective , user characteristics, Constraints, assumption and requirements and dependencies. * Specific requirements description containing information about the external interfaces, function, Performance requirements, logical database requirements.

2.1 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE: The Online Railway Reservation system is independent and totally self – contained system. The user interface consists of details, clicking on each function reveals the contents of perspective page.

The hardware interface that are used in the interface between user and monitor using keyboard and mouse, the interaction between the entered data and the database, the interaction between the pc and the server.

The major functions provided by the software are: * The Search function in which the passenger can search the details of train in which they need to travel. * The BookTickets function in which the passenger can book his/her tickets. * The CancelTickets function in which the tickets which were been booked by the passenger can be cancelled. * The CheckStattus function in which the passenger can check their ticket status.

The user who will be using this software should possess the following characteristics: * Expertise in operating a computer for accessing the software * Should be a authenticated user to BookTickets/CancelTickets.

The following are the list of constraints:
* Only authorized user can access the software
* This software uses current visual basic...
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