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Topics: Oxygen, Rust, Iron Pages: 4 (782 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Rusting of iron couplingCertification :
It has been certified that Akash Sharma having CBSE Roll No. Studying in XII-A (Science), during the academic year 2010-11 has completed a project on the Study of the Affect of Metal Coupling on the Rusting of Iron and has given satisfactory account of this in his project report Shri D.K Gupta                External Examiner PGT Chemistry                     Signature                    Signature

Declaration :
I , Akash Sharma of Class XII A (Science) , Anand Vihar School ,Bhopal, declare that the following project on the Study of the Affect of Metal Coupling on the Rusting of Iron has been accomplished under the able guidance of our Chemistry Teacher , Shri D.k Gupta Teacher Signature

Anand Vihar school,Bhopal
Date :
Acknowledgement :
I would like to express my gratitude to Shri D.K Gupta, our chemistry teacher, whose help and encouragement made this project possible. I would also like to thanks Mr. Vaidya, the Lab Assistant for his help during the completion of this project. Akash Sharma

XII A (Science)
Anand vihar school,Bhopal

Index :

1) Introduction
2) Electrochemical Mechanism (rusting)
3) Methods of Prevention of Corrosion
4) Aim of the project
5) Requirement
6) Procedure
7) Observation
8) Conclusion

Metals and alloys undergo rusting and corrosion. The process by which some metals when exposed to atmospheric condition i.e., moist air, carbon dioxide form undesirable compounds on the surface is known as corrosion, The compounds formed are usually oxides . Rusting is also a type of corrosion but the term is restricted to iron or products made from it .Iron is easily prone to rusting making its surface rough. Chemically, rust is a hydrated ferric oxide. Titanic‘s bow exhibiting microbial corrosion damage in the form of ‘rusticles’ Rusting an Electrochemical Mechanism ;

Rusting may be explained by an electrochemical mechanism. In the...
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