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Topics: Research, Management, Assessment Pages: 7 (1796 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Business and Management HL
Internal Assessment Handbook
IB-DP Internal Assessment Handbook
HL Research Project Weighting: 25%
The research project enables HL students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge to real organizational issues or decision-making. Students must select a real organization, not a fictional one, and the issue or decision under investigation must also be real. The expectation is that a student should gather primary research from the organization. The research project must be the student’s own work, and students must provide a declaration of authenticity on the coversheet of the project. Most importantly, the research project must not be a descriptive piece of work. It should be a useful working document for the management of an organization. Students are required to research an issue facing an organization or range of organizations or a decision to be made by an organization or range of organizations. This means the research question has to be forward looking rather than descriptive and should require the student to make recommendations for further action. It should, therefore, be designed to be of practical value to management. HL students need to develop two pieces of work for the project: • a research proposal and action plan

• a written report.
HL students are required to:
• Design and undertake research that either addresses an issue facing an organization or range of organizations or analyses a decision to be made by an organization or range of organizations • Produce a research proposal that should be used as the primary planning document and be presented in terms of an action plan

• Provide a title for the research project that, to give focus and direction, must be framed as a question • Produce a written report that does not exceed 2,000 words. • More than one student is allowed to choose the same organization for their research, provided that the written report reflects the student’s own individual work, interpretation and analysis. Choice of research topic

Students should, with the teacher’s guidance, choose their own topic and organization. Ideally, students should find their topics interesting and motivating. The teacher should approve each topic before work is started, and ensure that it complies with the requirements for internal assessment. For a variety of reasons not apparent at the start of the project, for example confidentiality, some organizations fail to provide data, which will undermine the quality of the final report. Students must therefore make sure before starting their investigations that they will be able to obtain the necessary data from the chosen organization. Students must be aware of ethical considerations when undertaking any research. There is a need for tact, sensitivity to other people and respect for confidentiality. Research proposal and action plan

The internal assessment must start with the research proposal and action plan. These will become the primary planning documents, giving direction to the research project. The research proposal and action plan must outline:

• The research question
• The rationale for study
• Areas of the syllabus to be covered
• Possible sources of information
• Organizations and individuals to be approached
Assessment details
• Methods to be used to collect and analyse data, and the reason for choosing them Business and Management HL Page 2
IB-DP Internal Assessment Handbook
• Anticipated difficulties
• The order of activities and timescale of the project.
Required format for research proposal and action plan
• Research question
• Theoretical framework
• Methodology
• Anticipated difficulties
• Action plan
Students should use the research proposal and action plan as their primary planning documents, reviewing them regularly with the teacher and modifying or rewriting them as necessary should circumstances change. The maximum achievement level for...
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