B.Ed Notes of Communication and Ways for Effective Communication

Topics: Psychology, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (298 words) Published: October 24, 2012
What is a classroom?

Classroom is a place where more than two people gather together for the purpose of learning, with one having the role of teacher.

Communication originates from the Greek root communis, meaning ‘to make common’.

Communication is a means of persuasion to influence the other so that the desired effect is achieved.

A process of sharing experience till it become a common possession. It modify the disposition of both the parties who partake it.

A process of interaction of ideas between the communicator and the receiver to arrive at a common understanding for mutual benefit.

The sharing of ideas and feeling in a mood of mutuality.

Communication is concerned with all the ways in which information and ideas are exchanged and shared.

Message via medium







Message via medium

   

Principle of readiness and motivation Principle of competency and worth Principle of sharing and interaction Principle of suitability of the communication contests Principle of appropriateness of the communication media or channel

Principle of appropriate feedback Principle of facilitators and barriers of communication

 o o o


Verbal Communication: Oral; Written; Oral and written Non Verbal Communication Facial Expression Language of the eye Body language Sound Symbols Symbolic Code language

Desirable Undesirable

  

Maieunic theory of Teaching Communication theory of Teaching (Herbartian) Moulding Theory of Teaching (conditioning) The Mutual inquiry theory of Teaching

 

Gagne’s hierarchical theory of instruction Atkinson’s Optimal learning theory of Instruction Bruner’s Cognitive theory of Instruction

  

Gage’s cognitive theory of teaching \ Ryan’s theory of Teaching behaviour Clark’s general theory of teaching Mitra’s psychological theory of...
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