A&P 203 Study Guide

Topics: Artery, Blood, Heart Pages: 4 (487 words) Published: September 24, 2012
A&P 203- Study Guide (Review) for Practical #2

Blood Vessels
1. Identify Arteries and Veins on checklist on:
Torso model
Blood vessel Flat board
1/2-size Muscle Figure
Arm and Leg models
Life size Wall Chart.

2. Slides - Identify artery, vein, capillary and aorta.
- Identify the three tunics (wall layers) in all vessels and the tissue that composes each tunic.
Tunica interna (intima)- endothelium (simple squamous epithelium)
Tunica media- smooth muscle
Tunica externa (adventitia)- connective tissue

- Know the blood oxygenation level of systemic arteries and veins. - Identify vessel types and wall layers on model.

3. Special Circulations - identify blood vessels and structures on checklist.
Circle of Willis - identify blood vessels on skull/cervical vertebrae model.

Pulmonary - identify on Torso model and unlabeled Figure 32.14. Know degree of oxygenation in all structures and vessels.

Hepatic Portal - identify vessels on liver model and blood vessels wall chart.

Fetal - identify structures and vessels on model of fetus. Know degree of oxygenation in major vessels and in Figure 32.14(a)

4. X-rays- Identify cardiovascular structures on films on view box in lab.

5. Define: Atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic plaque. Identify on Death of an Artery and arterial plaque models.

Blood Pressure/Pulse
1. Identify and define these instruments:
- Stethoscope

- Sphygmomanometer

2. Define: Blood Pressure
- What kind of vessel and usual location is it taken?
- What is the Systolic BP? Diastolic BP?

- Normal range of BP?

- Define: Hypotension


3. Define: Pulse
- Identify pulse points on unlabeled diagram, Figure 33A.3

- What are the heart sounds?
- Identify locations that heart valves are best heard, Figure 33A.2

Respiratory System
1. Identify organs and structures on checklist on
Flat Lung model...
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