A Timeline of Global History

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Global History Timeline

7800 BCE First traces of agriculture found along the Jordan River Valley, plants had adapted to agriculture (Traces of cultivated rice found in China around the same time) 5500 BCE First origins of Chinese Civilization, centered along the yellow river. Cultivation of soy beans and domestication of pigs by the local population 5000 BCE - First agriculture in Mexico, corn and beans.

- Domestication of the donkey in Egypt.
4500 BCE First agriculture along the eastern woodlands and rivers of current US, sunflowers and squash 4000 BCE Climate changed caused desertification in Africa, increased pastoralism on the grasslands of the savannah as a result. Between 4000-2700 BCE Southwestern Asian way of agriculture becomes dominant throughout Eurasia, because population growth caused people to relocate in search of new soil to cultivate. 3500 BCE Clusters of “mudbrick” buildings along the Tiger and Euphrates. Between 3500-3000 BCE The Nile-Indus Corrider, the first metropolitan web between the Tigris-Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, the Nile in Egypt and the Indus in India 3000 BCE - First cultivation of plants in Africa, significantly less widespread than pastoralism because of the climate. Most people living in Eurasia, Africa and America now living in an agricultural community (around 2000 years after it’s origination in each respective continent, so a different time in each continent). -First Metropolitan web in China along the Yellow River. -A new level of social interaction along the Tiger and Euphrates: The nascence of the Sumerian City (Complex networks of Donkey Caravans and River Trade) From 2500 BCE onwards City-Hinterlands interaction in the form of cities offering protection of outlying tribes with them demanding taxation in return => Primary method of maintaining urban networks. Incorporation of nomadic raiders into the urban networks (Trade with a city more profitable than raiding) 2300 BCE Military houses had...
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