A Project Manager's Responsibilities

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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i) Project Manager – main responsibilities and desired traits Project manager has primary responsibilities for providing leadership in planning, organizing and controlling to the project team to accomplish the project objective in quality manner, within budget and on time as a cohesive group.

Desired Traits
Effective project managers must posses a variety of skills in addition to general management skills. While certain necessary skills may be dependent upon the project, there are some skills that all project managers should possess. Leadership ability -create a vision an direction, inspiring the team, give empowerment, give motivations, appreciate and values the contribution by recognition, praise encouragement, establishing an environment of trust, high expectations and enjoyment. Ability to develop people – has a commitment to the training and development of people working on the project. Give the team an opportunity to add value from experience by gaining knowledge and more competent. Communication skills – the ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and regularly for the purpose of to have a good working relationship with the project team, customers and other stakeholders. Interpersonal skills- the ability to develop a relationship with each team member in order to know "what motivates them, how they think things are going, what concerns they have, and how they feel about things" Problem-Solving - the ability to anticipate problems, recognize them when they arise, and solve them quickly and efficiently Time Management - the ability to prioritize, delegate, and manage time effectively Ability to handle stress - the ability to handle stress that can arise from work situation. Negotiating Skills – able to interact with customers, sponsor, the project organization’s management, subcontractors, vendors and end user to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement on an issue. Conclusion

The project manager...
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