A Paper That Is Full of Rubbish

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  • Published: January 9, 2013
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Ok, I need some information. Do I have any readers in India? My stats say no, but a couple of recent search terms and an email have got me thinking. More after the jump: I wrote a verse a couple of years ago, and was approached by a textbook publisher in India about including it in an anthology. I gave my permission, and have not heard a word since then. Until, maybe, now. Over the past two days, I have had two google searches land here using variations of “time to eat dog by digital cuttlefish summary”, and a brief email (from someone who appears to be more accustomed to texting than to emailing) asking for a summary and explanation. Mind you, I have no idea why they would choose this particular verse for their anthology… but my question is this—does it exist? Details—it would be the Macmillan Publishers of India, but any more than that I don’t know—and I couldn’t find it on their website (actually, their website didn’t answer). And the verse in question? ( I include the commentary that went with it, for the sake of context. This was from November of 09.) I bike to work; I do not drive;

My thermostat’s on “chilly”.
I compost; I recycle; I
Think wasting fuel is silly.
I have a backyard garden, where
I grow my corn and beans;
I can my own tomatoes, and
I patch my old, torn jeans.
I try to purchase locally
From stores that show they care,
And speak at local gatherings
To make us all aware.
I’m doing all I know to do;
I’m hedging all my bets…
But now, I hear the latest news:
It’s time to eat our pets.
Our pets have carbon footprints,
Just the same as you or me,
And Lassie has the impact of
A good-sized S.U.V.
The meat it takes to feed a pet
Should make you think a bit
And that’s before we mention all
The tons and tons of shit.
Our dogs, of course, reflect ourselves,
In how much we consume
It’s time for some reflection here,
Ere Fido meets his doom.
With lots of bigger targets here
Before I roast my bitch;
You want to save the planet?...
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