A New Joe on the Block: Class Assignment

Topics: United States, Preference, Drink Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: September 27, 2012
MKTG- 310

Assignment 2 – 3.1 - A New “Joe” on the Block

1. What are the top three key decisions faced by Joe?
The top three key decisions faced by Joe are,
“What location and markets in the United States hold the most promise for a new coffee shop? “ “What coffee do Americans prefer?”
“What is it that makes a coffee shop popular?” (p.68).

2. What are the key deliverables that an outside researcher should produce to help Joe with the key decision? The key deliverables an outside researcher should produce is specific information on the coffee industry, identifying the target market, market opportunities and potential future problems. The researcher should be able to analyze the information accordingly and clearly communicate it back to Joe to help Joe with the key decidion.

3. How relevant are the coffee taste studies cited above? Explain. Each study is relevant in its own way. Although they were inconclusive they each gave relevant pieces of information. One study compared four types of coffee at four diverse, yet well-known establishments. What I pertained from that study was that people don’t mind paying a little more for a better cup of coffee. One study shows that when a company becomes to large it loses any personal relationship with the common coffee customer.

4. What flaws in the coffee taste studies should Joe consider in trying to weigh the merits of their results? The first two taste studies are biased because they are based on the opinion of one individual rather than a random sample. Research based on a single person is not as strong as it would be if it were to be based on more of the target population. The taste studies also reviewed a sample of 100 people from an organic shop, which isn’t the market Joe would be targeting for his coffee shop.

5. Briefly relate this situation to each of the major stages of the marketing research process.
6. Try to do a quick search to explore the question: “Are American...
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