A Message from the Pig Man

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John Wain韦恩简介

1925- 长篇小说:Hurry on Down大学后的漂泊;Living in the Present生活在当代;The Contenders竞争者;Strike the Father Dead打死父亲;A Winter in the Hills山中寒冬短篇小说集:The Life Guard救生员

John Wain
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John Wain (baptised John Barrington Wain, March 14, 1925 – May 24, 1994) was an English poet, novelist, and critic, associated with the literary group "The Movement". For most of his life, Wain worked as a freelance journalist and author, writing and reviewing for newspapers and the radio.

Life and work
Wain was born and matured in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, and attended St. John's College, Oxford, gaining a B.A. during 1946 and M.A. during 1950. He was a Fereday Fellow of St John's between 1946 and 1949.[1] He wrote his first novel Hurry on Down during 1953, a comic picaresque story about an unsettled university graduate who rejects the standards of conventional society. Other notable novels include Strike the father dead (1962), a tale of a jazzman's rebellion against his conventional father, and Young shoulders (1982), winner of the Whitbread Prize, the tale of a young boy dealing with the death of loved ones. Wain's use of lower-case letters in the titles of his novels indicates his non-conventional manner. Wain was also a prolific poet and critic, with critical works on fellow Midlands writers Arnold Bennett, Samuel Johnson (for which he was awarded the 1974 James Tait Black Memorial Prize), and William Shakespeare. Among the other writers he has written works about are the Americans Theodore Roethke and Edmund Wilson. He himself was the subject of a bibliography by David Gerard. Wain taught at the University of Reading during the late 1940s and early 1950s, and during 1963 spent a term as professor of rhetoric at Gresham College, London. He was the first Fellow in creative arts at Brasenose College, Oxford (1971–1972), and was appointed a supernumerary fellow during 1973. In that same year, he was...
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