A Journal on Observing a Reading Teacher

Topics: Reading, Lesson plan, Basal reader Pages: 13 (5184 words) Published: December 5, 2012
New Era University
College of Education
Center of Teaching Training

A Journal on Observing a Reading Teacher

Submitted by:
Student Teacher Mark Anthony Alonzo Torres
4th. Yr. BEEd with specialization in SpEd

Submitted to:
Prof. Maria Socorro Leonora R. Diaz
Class Instructor

October 2012
July 20, 2012
I was deployed at the Elementary Department of the New Era University under the mentorship of my cooperating teacher, Prof. Samuel Bayang, Reading coordinator of the division and the adviser of Grade 6 Simon, the department’s upper hetero section which is composed of 33 scholarly pupils. Given the chance by our supervisor, Dr. Corazon Liwayway, Principal of the Elementary Department, to observe the teachers teaching on student teachers’ designated classroom assignments in preparation on our apprenticeship which commenced on the fourth week of July, I conducted my observation on Prof. Bayang’s strategies and methodologies in teaching Reading with his permission. Before I start my observation, I made a list of potential strategies and methodologies that a Reading teacher may use by reading Prof. Bayang’s RAP journals and his books that are concerned on improving and improvising teaching strategies in Reading to facilitate better learning in the class. One of which is Dr. Rizalina R. Santos’s “Strategies and Methodologies in Teaching Reading”. After buying some time to read his books and RAP journals, which has been a great help not only by finishing this journal observation but also for introducing me on a different level of teaching Reading, I completed a list of probable techniques which I cultured on my readings that might help me on noting and distinguishing informative matters on my observation. Upon accomplishing the list of techniques I made, I turned my attention on familiarizing myself on the conducts of teaching Reading to grade school pupils by painstakingly researching on-line clippings, journals and researches that I compiled and read later on. Some of those on-line materials I had are Asia E-University’s module regarding “Motivation in the Classroom” which mainly discusses upraising motivation in the classroom through various techniques such as presenting spring boards that serves as an introduction to a particular Reading materials most likely epics, novels, short stories and the like. Also, it discourses the art of questioning that is incorporated with real life situation that happens in the everyday set up of a conventional public schools mostly located on rural parts of Asia-Pacific countries. It also offered a study regarding on demeanors in teaching Reading in both private and public schools which caught my attention. I list down the conducts and citations in the research presented and included it on the list which I made beforehand. An article entitled, “Using stories – Teaching training” which was copyrighted by The BBC | British Council also helped me on advancing further on completing my observational checklist and for formulating questions that I may ask to Prof. Bayang after I conclude my observation. The article taught me how stories can be used in class with primary or lower secondary aged pupils. The ideas can be easily used without access to storybooks or computers; the focus is on the teacher reading aloud a printed story or telling a story orally and designing motivating tasks around this. As of my prime concern in looking for conducts in teaching Reading, it provided a detailed approach on presenting practical ideas on exploiting stories in the classroom while considering the benefits of using stories in both Reading and Language classrooms. It also offers a broad knowledge on conducting active learning through interactive discussions and group works, subject matter generalizations and reflections regarding the stories read by the pupils.

July 23, 2012
After spending enormous time...
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