A Good Writer: Permit the Readers to Concentrate on Ideas

Topics: Writing, The Reader, Idea Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The characteristics of good writing

It is important that we produce good writing for technical reports and research papers by organizing ideas and points. Also, good writing will permit readers to concentrate on ideas and may help the writer to give the impression that he knows what he is talking about. The first point is that we have to think about what college readers will expect. In general, writing in College may varies from course to course, point to point. For example, biology papers will absolute differ from English. In order to get the reader is to clarify some points: * Describing and organizing the information clearly.

* Making a specific proposal that explains the topic.
* Explaining the idea itself and to give a solution.
* Signals relationship of parts so the reader won't get lost. * Providing evidences every single reason in the form of facts. Also, a good writer has to think about the audience because they usually expect to hear more than what they can find out whether on the internet or from people. So, the writer must be giving facts that are easy to obtain and also the good college writer involves an element of surprise to make it interesting. The good writer should plan and draft his topic by establishing his goals, responding to the assignment appropriately, selecting an interesting topic that he can think of to make him write more about it. In addition, the good writer should explore his topic once he has identified the topic. Therefore, there are classic reporter's questions that will help him in thinking: * What is the issue?

* Where is happening?
* How is it happening?
* Why is it happening?
* When is it happening?
* Who Is doing it?
As we go on, also the good writer is considered to make an outline for his topic, and the outline is typically begins with the thesis statement which is the main point that anchors the entire topic....
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