A Finger Chart Keyboarding

Topics: Finger, United Kingdom, English language Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Mr. Marquez’s Power-Keyboarding Class


The Typing Position - Technique and Posture:
• Eyes on copy
• Fingers curved and upright
• Wrists low
• Forearms slanted with keyboard
• Sit back in chair, back straight
• Feet on floor
The Home Row
Place you fingers in the home row position.
Position fingers of the left hand on asdf and the right fingers on jkl; Remember: fingers should be curved, relaxed, and upright. Thumbs should be placed on the space bar. You should also know where the or key is located – practice reaching this key with right pinky finger. [pic]

Practice the following WORDS AND PARAGRAPH by typing each line 10 Times. There will be a test this Friday. We have begun the 3rd Quarter, so let’s start with a good score! Every misspelled word and/or missed punctuation will count as –1 word (deducted from the total words typed).

Generally speaking birds English language some system exception tongue. Parrot ambition plenty of proof fixed mind “Polly wants” point beaten. Express herself understood sometimes ein soda actually beverage Root Beer. Soda made special formula curtains glimmer dawn everybody talk plainer.

Generally speaking, birds are not very much interested in the English language, or any other language for that matter, although it is quite possible that they may have some system of language of their own. One bird, however, may well be the exception to the rule. This bird, quite often, is interested in speaking in English or some other useful tongue (like Spanish). The bird is called a parrot, and most parrots will learn to talk. There is one parrot, which is just full of ambition to talk, and she gives plenty of proof of it every day of her life. She lives in a cage, and as she has no chance to use her wings, she has fixed her mind on the study of English and Spanish. Her name is Polly.
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