A Defense of Abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Every individual is entitled to basic inalienable rights to life liberty and property . In particular , one 's basic right to life is manifested not simply on one 's ability to subsist but to live a meaningful life . This is by being able to develop oneself to the fullest , to enhance one 's skills and talents , and to nurture oneself with comfort , security and enjoyment in every aspect of living as much as possible

Because of the said basic right to life , it is a generally accepted

br principle that abortion is impermissible to many society and thus , it is viewed to be an immoral act . Abortion pertains to the willful killing of a human fetus through its removal from the maternal womb before its actual birth ( Abortion ' 26

It is generally viewed that the fetus has a right to life even from the moment of conception since it should already be considered not merely a potential human person but indeed a person already worthy of protection and care like any other individual . To cause a fetus ' death through abortion is morally wrong since it violates one of the basic rights of an already considered person , that is , the right to life of the fetus

In Judith Jarvis Thompson 's A Defense of Abortion ' a different view of abortion is presented (47 . She contends that even if it is to be perceived that a fetus is a person worthy of the basic right to life still , it does not follow that abortion must be condemned just for that reason of the latter 's right to life . She asserted that abortion involves another individual , and another life for that matter . This means that the mother -her right to life and to her body- must also be considered

The right to abort or not to abort is anchored on the decision of the mother as the bearer of another life , that is , the fetus . It is in her whom the right to nurture or not to nurture a fetus belongs . It is her choice whether to continually be plugged ' or to unplugged ' herself from the fetus in her womb...
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