Young Adulthood

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OT121: Lifespan Development and Occupation II
University of the Philippines Manila | College of Allied Medical Professions Department of Occupational Therapy | Block 21 – Occupational Therapy SS 2012 – 2013 Young Adulthood Ms. Faith Deanne Mari B. Caube 16 January 2013 YOUNG ADULTHOOD

 

Age Range: 20 - 40 years old Difference of development o Changes due more to personal, social, cultural events rather than chronological or biological changes o Hallmark of maturity - adapt and change in accordance to new conditions o More gradual changes --> does not fit neatly into a stage development theory o The primary meaning of adult is social (Rice, 1995).  Changes are attributed to social factors and relationships o Marked by culturally defined milestones, and by roles and relationships that are part of cycles of family and career (Craig, 1996)  The relationships that you will build during this stage are relatively permanent.

The Age Clock  Used to define or judge behaviors, expectations, and pressures of adulthood  Motherhood  Physically- dependent jobs  They may consider themselves old because they are no longer fit to do previous easy tasks. Definitions of Age o Biological age - life expectancy o Psychological age - adaptation to environmental demands o Social age - in comparison to cultural norms Maturity o Needs a certain social and biological factors o More dependent on psychological factors  Physical and social independence and autonomy  Independent decision making  Stability  Wisdom  Reliability  Integrity  Compassion o Maturity is the psychological ability to work and to love (Freud). PHYSICAL CHANGES  Physical status o Peak of vitality, health, strength, energy, and endurance  25 years old is the prime in terms of strength. All motor systems are at peak during this age.  Dispatch the young to do battle. OT 121: Lifespan Development and Occupation II Young Adulthood

Peak of sensorimotor skills  25 – 30: peak of physical conditioning, strength, motor skills, organ functioning  20 -40: peak of visual acuity  20 -45: peak of taste, smell, temperature, and pain sensation  Gradual hearing loss (more apparent after 25; particularly with high pitched sounds) o Most physical decline occurs after 30s (10% loss until 60s) Fitness and health o Generally healthy age period o Health patterns established in young adulthood are generally resistant to change  Adolescence is a storming period of change but when one enters young adulthood, it is expected that one‟s biological systems are already stabilized. Common Illnesses due to occupational hazards o Chronic back pain – by overworking selves and the effect of stress o Respiratory illnesses o Premenstrual syndrome o Sexually transmitted diseases  Highest among young adults and adolescence  Due to poverty, drug use and risky sexual activity o HIV - 40 million people infected worldwide, 95% from developing world  Males - lead cause of death  Females - 4th cause of death Common Causes of Death o 3 causes that account for 72% in the early 20s and 51% among 25 - 34 year olds  Accidents  Homicide  Suicide o AIDS - single leading cause of death in males aged 25-44 o YA has the lowest death rate among adult groups However, in the entire adult lifespan, young adults have the lowest death rate.


MORBIDITY o Defined as the occurrence of illness o Symptoms often appear in YA  Genetically-determined diseases (diabetes, sickle cell anemia) (hypertension, ulcers,  Stress-linked depression)


Factors Linked to Health Status o Genetic factors  However, if purely genetics, it should be seen early (right after birth)  Multi-factorial diseases (genetics and environmental)  Diabetes  Atherosclerosis (narrowing of vessels due to fat planks)  Obesity  Cancer health conditions  Mental predisposed to come out during YA such as schizophrenia o Health threatening behaviors  Nutrition...
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