Year 9 Pdhpe Half Yearly Notes

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 8 (2285 words) Published: January 2, 2013
* Close relationships can be formed between good friends, the closer the relationship becomes the more thoughts, feelings and hopes are shared * intimate relationships involve a high degree of love, trust, empathy and commitment from both partners * effective communication skills such as active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution and assertiveness – develops an equal and respectful relationship * active listening helps improve mutual understanding and sorting out problems – open up and say what they really mean * four steps to active listening are:

* don’t interrupt
* look at the speaker
* listen to the speaker
* respond by restating what was said in your own words(paraphrasing) * decision making helps you decide what friends you want in your life, when to begin dating, when you fell ready to engage in sexual activity * decisions about relationships influenced by

* ability to love and respect yourself
* how well you communicate your feelings
* how assertive you are
* aware of outside pressures
* negotiation is a process involving dealings between people that is intended to result in an agreement and a commitment to a course of action * negotiation can have various outcomes
* win-win – needs of both people are satisfied
* compromise – one or both parties may have to accept less than they wished for * win-lose
* lose-lose
* for successful relationships the result of the negotiation needs to be a win-win or a compromise outcome * conflict resolution - finding solutions for communication problems * may be required to reveal personal thoughts and feelings, admit being wrong and apologise or accept another’s apology, change behaviour or attitude * sometimes you may have to tell other people how you feel and why * a ‘I’ statement is a good way to communicate what you want * blaming can worsen the problem by making the other person believe that you are attacking them * the ‘I’ statement contains 4 parts

* how you feel
* what the other person did or is doing
* why you feel this way
* what you need or want the other person to do
* power is the ability to do something or make something happen * power can be used positively and negatively in a relationship * good relationships – equality and respect
* positively influence other – you respect them and yourself * one person exerts power negatively over the other – damaging both the person and the relationship * power is also the issue in all forms of bullying, harassment and discrimination * abuse of power is unacceptable

* empathy is the ability to identify with and understand another person’s feelings or difficulties * empathy can develop
* accepting and respectful attitudes
* understanding and appreciation
* satisfying and deeper relationships
* speaking up for yourself requires knowing how to be assertive * assertiveness involves clearly and confidently stating an opinion * being assertive doesn’t mean being aggressive
* passive responses result in a loss of self respect and a respect from others * by speaking up your needs, wants and feelings can be understood * being assertive is
* speaking in a firm voice
* looking in the other person’s eye
* expressing your true feelings
* staying in control with your emotions
* using ‘I’ statements
* the DECIDE model
* Define the problem (define the decision that I have to make – risks involved) * Explore the alternatives
* Consider the consequences
* Identify your values(beliefs and values about certain behaviours should influence the choices you make) * Decide and act
* Evaluate the results(look back at the results of your decision and evaluate forth future) * 100% safe sex is abstinence
* Touching, kissing and hugging...
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