Year 12 English Language Revision Pack

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Year 12 English Language Revision Pack

1. Complete many practice exams and correct them yourself (exams and suggested answers are on MOODLE). Do them under time constraints 2 hours with 15 mins reading and figure out a way to do them that suits you. Do them at 3pm. You will also be completing one in class during week 1, term 4.

2. Create flip cards with all the terms listed (unless you are 100% sure you know them) – give the word on one side, then definition and examples on the other. Then use them (or a selection of them) DAILY!

3. Read, highlight and complete any activities included in the study design analysis included.

4. Use your generic transcript and written text questions on texts you find (or ones from MOODLE) for practice.

5. Use your cuttings journal and memorise some key quotes and examples based on essay themes as outlined in the Insight Exam Guide. Create mind maps of recent issues relating to language and how they may link to an essay.

6. Write lots of essays using the topics from MOODLE, ensuring that you follow my hints and tips. (Read the sample essays on MOODLE too.)

7. Read through your text books and note books. In particular, make sure that you answer ALL of the questions on ALL the texts in the Insight (green) book. And correct them!

Flip Card Terms

Phonetics and phonology
• the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
• phonetic transcription (there will be a key)
• prosodic features (pitch, stress, and intonation)
• sounds in connected speech (elision, assimilation, dissimilation, metathesis, epenthesis) • Broad, General and Cultivated accents in Australian English; • Phonological stylistic features (alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, rhythm, rhyme)

Morphology and Lexicology
• parts of speech (noun, verb (auxiliary, modal), adjective, adverb, preposition, pronoun, auxiliary, conjunction, determiner) • function words (preposition, determiner, conjunction) • content words

• suffixation (such as journo, brekky, mozzie)
• conversion of word class
• creative word formation
• morpheme
• prefix
• suffix
• affix
• root
• derivation
• inflection(particularly past tense and plural)
• collocations
• idioms
• jargon
• slang
• euphemism and dysphemism
• double-speak

• lexical meaning
• semantic fields
• sense relations (synonymy and antonymy, hyponymy/hypernymy) • connotation
• denotation
• semantic stylistic features (irony, metaphor, oxymoron, simile, personification/animation, puns, lexical ambiguity) • inference

• phrases
• clauses
• sentences
• the basic functions in clause structure (subject, object, complement, adverbial) • different sentence/clause types (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamative) • various aspects of sentence structure (antithesis, listing, parallelism) • sentence/clause structures (simple, compound, complex and compound-complex, head and modifiers) • ellipsis

• nominalisation,
• coordination
• subordination
• interrogative tags/tag questions
• information flow (end-focus, front-focus, passive)

Discourse Analysis
• lexical cohesion (anaphoric and cataphoric references, deictics) • coherence (logical ordering, consistency, inference, information flow, presentational features, connecting adverbials and conjunctions) • lexical coherence (synonyms or near synonyms)

• features of spoken texts (pauses, false starts, repetition, self-corrections, openings and closings, adjacency pairs, overlapping speech, discourse particles) • topic management
• turn-taking
• dominant speaker
• holding the floor
• minimal responses
• the Principle of Appropriateness
• the co-operative principles of conversation...
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