Xylys Brand Analysis

Topics: Brand, Score, Personality psychology Pages: 8 (2651 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Question 1.1:
According to the brand personality article and the Exhibit 2 & 5, the similarity/differences could be observed as follows. Both users and non-users consider the luxury watches as quite sincerity, which is associated with the personality traits of down-to-earth and honest. Excitement dimension is associated with exciting, daring, imaginative, spirited and up-to-date, and this dimension of brand personality is more favorable in the users’ opinion. The high score in the personality of reliable and successful indicate that both present and potential users are regarding the luxury watches as very competence. For non-users, unlike those present users, they don’t like the dimension of sophistication or ruggedness much because of the lower like score on brand personality of upper class and tough. Question 1.2Criteria/Processes:

a. Category the brand personality score for each dimension as mentioned in Q 1.1. b. Calculate the sum score for each dimension as showed in figure-1. c. Conclusion: Users and non-users got a similar score at the dimension of sincerity, and users are evaluating the luxury watches as more excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness is higher than non-users. Question 2.1:

Those personality features such as down-to-earth, Honest and up-to-date are relevant the same between users and non-users. It means both of their actual self-images are highly congruence with brand personality traits. More differences are exciting in the personality image of daring, exciting, imaginative, spirited, reliable, successful, upper class and tough. Conclusion: For Sincerity dimension (including down-to-earth and honest), users and non-users have a similar level of matching their self-images with brand traits. For the dimensions of Excitement (including daring, exciting, imaginative, spirited and up-to-date), Competence (including reliable, successful), Sophistication (including upper class) and Ruggedness (including tough), the differences are more obvious. Users are generally like their self-image more than the brand personality traits; however, the non-users are on the contrary. Question 2.2:

a. To compare the Likert scale score difference between brand-factors and self-factors by using brand-score minus self-score. b. Match each personality with its dimension.
c. Sum up the score for each dimension and make the comparison (figure-2). d. Conclusion: The major differences between users and non-users are on the dimensions of excitement and ruggedness with a mathematical difference on total mean of 1.29 and .65 respectively. These 2 major differences indicate that non-users are hard to congruence actual self-image with luxury watches because the brand personality is not as the way they want. Question 3:

According to the self-image congruence of users and non-users, some major opinions of potential users are: a. they want this brand to be more exciting as they are; b. they what a product that can show their competence and more upper class; c. they are expecting a personality of tough can be more obvious in a premium watch. So the strategic for Xylys are: a. Daring design and exciting advertisement to improve the brand personality in this area; b. Add more upper class and high quality elements such as crashworthy, waterproof, leather, gold and diamond decorations and etc. Question 4:

According to the case and Hofstede theory, India is a very spiritual country with millions of deities and various religious philosophies. It could be a way to show Xylys’ daring and exciting by combining the religious with the modern industrial design and put them into luxury watches. Another justify is that Xylys should also pay attention to their quality of cases, deliver process and customer service because from the case we knew that a number of luxury watches were purchased as a gift, and the improvement on the quality of service and...
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