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World War II & Cold War (Ch. 32, 33, and 35-4).
Test Date:                                          Please do these on your own paper. 
Please edmodo if you are word processing
Things to study….
•       Hitler Branches out (map notes)
•          WWII Timeline (& Quiz)
•          Turning Points / Ending the War Notes •          Cold War Questions Notes
•          Book & Any other notes.  When you have looked at your 1) notes and 2) book and if you still can’t find something, you may come to your teacher for help.  

World War II People

1.       Chamberlain, Neville
2.       Churchill, Winston
3.       De Gaulle, Charles
4.       Franco, Francisco
5.       Mussolini, Benito
6.       Petain, Henri Phillippe
7.       Reynaud, Paul
8.       Roosevelt, Franklin
9.       Selassie, Haile
10.   Stalin, Joseph
11.   Truman, Harry
12.   Victor Emmanuel III
13.   Yamamoto

World War II Topics

1.       Allied Powers
2.       Anschluss – what was it?  How did he justify it? 3.       Appeasement
4.       Atlantic Charter
5.       Axis Powers
6.       Bataan Death March
7.       Battle of Britain
8.       Battle of the Bulge (do not say Mrs. King needs to go on a diet). 9.       Battle of Dunkirk (“the miracle”)
10.   Battle of Midway
11.   Battle of Stalingrad
12.   Cash and Carry
13.   D-Day
14.   End of Mussolini’s power
15.   Final Solution
16.   Hitler branches out – need to know the order he took over places and how he justified it. 17.   Holocaust – what was it and approximately how many killed? 18.   Lend-Lease – what was it and why did we have it?

19.   Luftwaffe
20.   Maginot Line
21.   Munich Conference
22.   Non-Aggression Pact
23.   Nuremberg Trials
24.   Pearl Harbor attack – when was it?  What affect did it have? 25.   Poland – when did Hitler invade? 
26.   Polish invasion: What kind of warfare? 
27.   Polish invasion: What was the affect?
28.   Rome – Berlin Axis
29.   Scorched Earth...

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