Written and Spoken Discourse

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Discourse Analysis II
Written and Spoken discourse

December 6th, 2011.

Written Discourse

This is an analysis made to a piece of writing made by Laural Mariana Arámbula a 6th grader (elementary school) student that has very good language skills. The text she wrote will be analyzed according to the instructions of the End of Course Assignment of Discourse Analysis II and the text is named: A letter to a friend.

Dear Paola

Hi how are you? I hope well

I wanna wish you Merry Christas and a Happy New Year, 2007.
My classes have already started, now I´m in 5 tetramester, which is equal to third grade. I´m really happy for it, because I have really good notes.

I have done new friends; they are really fun girls, and quite cutes. Today I went to have breakfast with others friends, we had a lot of fun.

I have lost my abilities notebook, I hope I can find it, there´s a lot of really important information in it. I haven´t failed any subject until now,jaja. Anyway the first day were really great, because I didn´t have my first class ´cause I had to do my schedule.

Also I haven´t had folk classes, because the floor is being fixed, actually they are installing a new one. I have fight with my new friend Albaly because she is the one than lost my notebook, but we are gonna be find.

Also I haven´t saw ours old friend Blanca, cause I have been really busy painting my bedroom.

By the way I haven´t fixed the old wardrobe, after you broke it, hiding in it. This last week I´ve been going to English classes which are great, have a lot of fun.

I hope you can tell me more interesting things about you in you letter of response.

Sincerely Mariana

The text above shows a very good understanding of the language and good use of English for communicative purposes, which is to say that it is more interaction because the student as she mentioned at the end is waiting for a response but in order to know more about her friend not to make some business like in the Transactional purposes.

The grammatical cohesion features I found in this text were theses:

*Student use anaphoric and exophoric references. One example of anaphoric in which the students point to something back in the text is: I have fight with my new friend Albaly because she is the one than lost my notebook, but we are gonna be find.

In this sentence we can see the use of references in : because SHE , referring to Albaly . and in We are gonna be find. We refers to Albaly and the writer.

And exophoric reference will be:
By the way I haven´t fixed the old wardrobe.. We do not know exactly when the wardrobe was broken. Another example is: Also I haven´t saw ours old friend Blanca. We do not know who Blanca is like or who she is.

In substituting the student did the following: I have fight with my new friend Albaly because she. She is substituting Albaly.

The conjunctions used were: because, also, but, etc.

The Genre of this text I will consider it as being a narrative because of the way it is written. About coherence I think that student did a great job and made her text really cohesive. She kept and style and also an appropriate used of verb tenses and also the use of conjunctions to link the sentence. The text has simple and complex sentences. Another important thing is that the text is divided in paragraph which let us noticed a good organization of the text. There are many features of natural speech like: contractions, express of feeling and the writing style she used in more common between friends and that makes it more natural.

The student had some little mistakes like: I´ve been going to English classes which are great, have a lot of fun... the last part would be, I have had a lot of fun. Instead of what she wrote. Another example could be: . Anyway the first day were really great. There is a problem with tense agreement it should be: Anyway the first day was really great.

Even though there are...
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