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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Physical Education Glossary Terms:

Health – The state of total mental, physical and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Fitness – The ability to meet the demands of the environment Exercise – An activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain, or improve health and fitness. Components that make up Physical Fitness:

Stamina – The ability to work for long periods without becoming over-tired. E.g. in Decathlon, Cross-Country, and Rowing Flexibility – The ability to move our joints through their full range of movement. E.g. in Gymnastics, Figure-Skating, and Diving Body Build – The capacity to carry the right amount of fat muscle. E.g. in Wrestling, Boxing, and Rugby Strength – The ability of the muscles to carry out daily tasks. E.g. in Weightlifting, Boxing, and Rowing. The sub categories of strength are; Maximum Strength, Muscular Power and Muscular Endurance. Components that make up Skill Related Fitness:

Agility – The ability to change the direction of the body at speed. E.g. in Surfing, Badminton and Squash Balance – Static balance is the ability to maintain our equilibrium when stationary or moving. E.g. in Gymnastics, Ice Skating and Snowboarding Co-ordination – The ability to carry out a series of movements smoothly and efficiently. E.g. in Diving, Pole Vault, Tennis Reaction time – The ability to respond quickly to a stimulus. E.g. in Athletics Track, Table Tennis, Boxing Power – The ability to contract the muscles with speed and force in one movement. E.g. in Swimming, Shot-Put, Cycling Sprints Strength – The ability of a muscle or muscle group to apply force to overcome resistance. E.g. in Rugby, Wrestling and Athletics Field: Weights Muscular Endurance – The ability of a single muscle or muscle group to work very hard for a limited period-of-time. E.g. 400m, 400m swimming, Triathlon Speed – The ability to move all or part of the body as quickly as possible; E.g. in Athletics Sprint events,...
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