World History: Exam Review

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Chapter 18 exam review

1. What was the Ottoman Empire interrupted by?

Timur’s victory at Ankara

2. What is Mehmed’s II greatest action?

Conquest of Constantinople

3. Under whose empire did the Ottoman Empire grow the farthest WEST? suleyman

4. The Safavid Empire was located in what present day country?


5. For what reason were the kizilbash given that name?

The red hats they wore

6. Why were the safavids persecuted?

Persecuted for shifting to the Sunni to the Shi’ah sect

7. Shah was the name taken by Persian leaders. What does Shah mean?

“King of kings”

8. What one word describes the Safavid culture?


9. Why did the decline of the Savafid Empire occur?

After Abbas deaths

10. Babur won Delhi from?

Turkish Muslims

11. Akbar strengthened his power by gaining the support of ___Rajput’s___?

12. What is Akbar’s attitude toward religion?

He was tolerant of all religions

13. Who founded the Sikh religion?


14. Give me one adjective that best describes Shah Jahan’s rule?


15. Were the Janissaries the Ottoman upper class?


16. Under whose rule did the Ottomans defeat the last European crusaders?

Murad II

17. How many major groups was the Ottoman Empire divided into?


18. Did the Millets have little power under the rule of a strong sultan?


19. Did European expansion hurt the Ottoman Empire?


20. Did the Safavids and the kizilbash fight against each other?


21. Who became the head of the kizilbash?


22. Did Esma il require all the safavids to convert to Shi ‘ah?


23. Did Abbas regain Safavid power by modeling his army on the Ottoman army?


24. Did foreign...
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