World History



Key Terms

1. Caste:

2. Dynasty:

3. Geography:

4. Relative Location:

5. Empire:

6. Code (as in Hammurabi’s):

7. Migration (both internal and external):

8. Ethnicity:

9. Pharaoh:

10. Enlightenment (as in Buddhist belief):

1. Relative Location: This is one of the 5 themes of geography. It is telling where one place is located compared to another. For example, Jacksonville is north of Miami. The key is to use the directional term (north, south, east, or west).

a. Where is the United States located relative to Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean?
b. Where is Florida located relative to Georgia, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean?

2. The Ancient Middle Easter Civilizations: Located in Mesopotamia (meaning, “The Land Between the Rivers” because it is located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) a. Name the 5 groups from the Middle East and explain something that they contributed to the modern world: i. Phoenicians: Created a 22 letter alphabet, influenced the English alphabet. ii.

b. Hammurabi’s Code:
i. Importance because it was the first:

3. Ancient Egypt
a. Located near the ________ river, called the “Gift of the _______.” b. Greatest accomplishment:
4. Ancient China
a. Located near the _____________ River.
b. Inventions from the Chinese:

c. The purpose of the Great Wall:

5. Ancient India
a. Located near the ________ River....
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