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Topics: Customer, Customer service, Sales Pages: 7 (2342 words) Published: April 10, 2013
* not listening to or collecting information from customers

A customer’s requirement/need is the most important factor in the customer service chain, to be providing excellence in customer service you need to ensure that the customer in 100% satisfied with the products on offer and make sure it meets their requirements. By not listen and or collecting information from customers or potential customers you will not be up to date with changes and even the basic needs and wants of your customer network, this downfall instantly results in bad customer service before you have been given a chance to deal with them.

* poor, or no, focus on the actual design of processes to turn identified customer needs into products and services

You will find that organizations that don’t interview or communicate with customers to identify needs into products and services tend to more focus on the cost cutting aspects, this is a poor method of business practice, as we all need to be aware of costs in today climate we also need to be very mindful that our customers and the service we provide to them is very important to each business as it measures the success. The focus for the design of products and services should come from customer feedback, this way we can ensure the products and or services have the value perception. It is no longer possible to design products and develop products/services without doing market research.

* gaps between what the organization intends to produce for its customers and what its systems do actually produce

This is a very interesting statement because it can be looked at on different levels, for e.g. a company ticks all the boxes in way of market research and identifying needs and wants of customers, from there we clearly understand a demand for a certain product, a company will then make a decision on the product that needs to manufacture, the gap can fall here in way of the product they wish to manufacture and systems and parameters in place which may not allow them to do so, a cost decision may come in place which be outweighed. This is also another way that businesses may be caught out with customer service because of the product manufactured quality.

* cost constraints, or failure to set and meet realistic performance standards, which affect what the organisation can actually deliver

Cost constraints could be a number of things in a business whether it be stock levels, bad debts (customer not paying on time), exchanged shifts, even the number of employees all of these factors have a impact on the way business is run day to day, it can also have a major impact on the way you provide a service to the outside world. E.g. Stock levels if your systems are not in line to keep to up with spike trends in the market or even the ability to alert you of diminishing stock levels the chances of running out on certain parts is high – this in turn means you are not able to deliver on time and in full to your customer, clearly leaving a bitter taste in the customers mouth, it is unfortunate but the only time a customer will remember something is when you do the wrong thing. Setting and Meeting performance standards is a very easy task internally for business to do, where everyone makes the mistake is the ability to “ALIGN” your company’s expectations along with your customers this is when a positive result occurs. Most crucial that a study is taken in the marketplace to ensure your expectations are similar to what the industry standard is and in most cases should aim for a slightly better to give yourself that competitive edge.

* poor staff attitudes, training levels and working materials

All three directly linked to each other, I strongly believe that majority of poor staff attitudes appear when staff members are continuously under the pump and not adequately trained in their role, this in turn reflects on poor attitude towards customers and portrays a poor image for the...
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