Topics: Output, Software as a service, Management Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: December 8, 2012
1. Within the demo, the presenters switch back between functional and technical aspects of Workday. In your own words, what is the difference between speaking of functional vs technical considerations in systems? The functional aspect refers to the character or the purpose of the system, and emphasizes on how people use it. On the other hand, the technical aspect is more associated with the way how the system is designed. For example, Peter focuses on information process of exchange and store but Holly just explains the application of the system.

2. What are your thoughts and impressions of Workday's Dashboard and User Interface? The Workday’s Dashboard fully helps HR managers to monitor their jobs and control their teams. In the “my workday” page, instead of using word descriptions, all tasks are clearly showed by charts or by tables, which reinforce managers to monitor everything easier. In the “My team” page, managers can manage teamwork by choosing different categories instinctively. Even new managers can easier fit in to a new company by using Workday.

3. The demo reviews the ease of reporting within Workday. Once a manager runs a Workday-delivered report, which other tasks can the manager perform or initiate from that report? The workday allow user to do different kinds of analysis and to customize reports, including add items or switch columns. Besides, it can also output the analysis report into several forms such as Excel or PDF. When using Excel to overview the workforce demographics, the workday even provides “refresh” bottom that makes the data update immediately.

4. Which other electronic devices can Workday support for user access other than PC access? How would this capability be useful to HR managers and employees? The workday allows iphone or blackberry connected so both of managers and employees are able to manage their tasks or exchange information wherever or whenever.

5. What are some of the other non-traditionally...
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