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  • Published: September 21, 2013
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January 1993 – November 1996
Employer: United States Navy, USS ALEXANDRIA (SSN 757)
Submarine Base New London, Groton, Connecticut

Position(s):Reactor Controls Assistant, First Lieutenant, Sonar Officer Collateral Duties:Ship’s Diving Officer, Quality Assurance Officer

Supervisor(s): xxxxxx, Commanding Officer (January 1993 – July 1995)
xxxxxxx, Commanding Officer (July 1995 – November 1996)

Summary of Work Experience. As a submarine division officer, I was responsible to the Ship’s Engineer Officer and Ship’s Combat Systems Officer for the maintenance, upkeep and operation of all equipment under my cognizance. As Ship’s Diving Officer, I was responsible for the proper ballasting of the ship in port and at sea and responsible to coordinate all submarine docking and undocking procedures during extended maintenance. As Quality Assurance Officer, I was responsible for ensuring proper standards of maintenance, training and qualification of workers and inspectors for all Level I, SUBSAFE and reactor and steam plant cleanliness procedures. Specific engineering tasks I carried out during my employment include:

- Primary supervisor for operation, upkeep and testing of all reactor controls, monitoring and protection equipment for a US Navy pressurized water nuclear reactor. I supervised seven technicians in carrying out complex test procedures, corrective and preventative maintenance of reactor controls equipment and developing troubleshooting procedures to address a number of different reactor control and protection system casualties. Specific engineering tasks I carried out in this position include: * Test plan development and execution for control rod alignment and timing testing; * Test plan development and execution for primary protection instrumentation calibration; * Developed an integrated reactor controls division audit and surveillance program; * Planned and executed 5 year prime calorimetric alignment of reactor controls equipment. This procedure involves significant mathematical and engineering calculations, precise adjustments to reactor controls equipment and non-standard reactor plant operations at maximum plant output; * Developed an emergent troubleshooting and repair/replacement plan for the successful replacement of a leaking large grade capacitor which provided mission critical pump control capabilities.

- Nuclear Engineering Plant Watch Supervisor and Inport Engineering Duty Officer – Responsible for safe operation of the navy nuclear propulsion plant and all associated auxiliary equipment. This included operations at maximum propulsion, nuclear and propulsion plant casualty response, establishing test procedure and maintenance safety boundaries, and development and execution of quality assurance control maintenance and test procedures. Specific engineering tasks I carried out in this position include: * Establishing primary safety boundaries for electrical and mechanical component upkeep, repair and replacement; * Evaluating primary and secondary plant chemistry and calculating and approving required chemical additions under varying plant conditions necessary to ensure proper plant hygiene and prevent component corrosion and degradation; * Evaluation of plant parameters and application of complex engineering calculations to establish appropriate measures for safe startup and shutdown of the reactor plant under normal and emergency conditions.

- Primary supervisor for sonar acoustic division, responsible for the training of on watch sonar operators and the upkeep and maintenance of all sonar and acoustic systems. I supervised 15 operators and technicians in carrying out complex maintenance evolutions and developing and executing troubleshooting procedures to repair mission critical systems and components. Specific engineering related tasks I carried out in this position include: * Developed quality assurance controlled work procedures for maintenance and repair of SUBSAFE,...
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