Words of Gratitude

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It was not so long ago when our journey began. For most of us, we entered LNHS with nothing more than a dream, and today, together we stand as survivors armed with knowledge, skills and values to bring this dream closer to reality. To others, graduation may simply be equated as the end of the tunnel, or a breath of relief, or an exultation over freedom, but after years under the nurture of our alma mater, we know it is much more than any of these. Life is an open road, and though we’ve studied its highways and byways, we were never left without a roadmap. Our mentors, parents and colleagues have constantly been our guide. All paths, all encounters lead here – an ultimate direction, a bend on the road. To our dearest teachers, you have done more than words can express. We understand we were far from perfect students, and that more than once, we have brought you much pain, frustrations, and even rage. Today we show you our sincerest gratitude for molding our characters and for showing us that there is still much to learn. Your firm guidance will always be appreciated, for we now realize that like greatness, nothing grows well under the shade of a large tree. To our beloved parents and families, the true foundations of who and what we have become, you deserve to share every honor we receive today. You have continuously strengthened and inspired us, without which we would have never come to reach this moment. You have all given much to see this day, and we hope that in some way we have made you proud. To our classmates, our colleagues, our friends, who have grown with us and in us, you have colored this journey with laughter, pains, joys and conflicts. Time has come and gone swiftly, and when one glances back at the past that belongs to you –that are you-, it’s a blessing that we have shared a few of the most memorable years of life together. These ties shall remain strong wherever life may lead us. And to our almighty Father, the beginning and end of all things, we only stand here today because You called us to enter and guided us on our way. Thank you for the blessings and the opportunities. All the glory is offered back in Your name. It is – and always will be – an honor and joy to have been part of this family. Thank you, and good afternoon.

Valedictory Speech
Distinguish guests, beloved teachers, proud parents, fellow graduates, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good day to all of you… Graduation day…. this is our moment in time. We have been making a countdown. 5 days more to go, 4 more days to go, 3, 2 and one more day to go before graduation. Yes, wee have been excited for the last few days. And now, the final hour has come. We now have a sigh of relief. Thanks God! No more assignments, recitations, projects, exams, tasks that are too taxing for everyone of us. My fellow graduates, this is not yet the end but just a beginning of another phase in the lifetime quest for learning. Let us bear in mind the knowledge and skills we acquired with which our supportive parents, dedicated teachers and thoughtful classmates equipped us with, will be our weapon for further struggle in life. We will be facing the more delicate, sacred and gargantuan tasks of nation building. There was a very young eagle, curious than the others, moved to the edge of the nest, lost his balance and fell to the ground. He was unconscious for a while but woke up soon to find himself in a family of a chicken. He saw the chicks, scratching the grounds and picking up some grains to eat. He tried to do the same to satisfy his hunger but found himself, almost a failure. The next morning, he looked up in a blue sky, which was so inviting. It seemed to tell him, “Fly to me, this is where you belong.” He tried to imitate the birds in the sky, but he would always fall down to the ground. Few days later, looking again, he saw some eagle flying. Something inside him, motivated him to try spreading his wings again up and up. He came soaring to the sky. Then, he...
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