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Unit 207 Statement- Steve Kilgour



Dial up access connects to the internet when the computer the computer dials a phone number which is the IPS address using the modem. Dial up is an analog connection because data is sent over an analog, public telephone network. The modem converts received analog data to digital and visa versa. Because dial-up access uses normal telephone line the quality and the connection is not always good. Typical speed is 56kbps which is kilo bits of data per second. This is the slowest connection and unable to use the phone when using the internet.

Broadband allows data to flow faster in one direction than the other. This is why download speeds are greater than upload speeds. You can use the telephone while using the internet without any interference. When using broadband a micro filter is fitted to the internal phone socket which prevents crackling on your phone line. Depending on the distance from the telephone exchange has an effect on your broadband speeds. The closer to the exchange the faster the connection. Modem routers are used which plug into the phone line and then into the computer or can be used wirelessly. Wireless connection means you are able to use the internet without having to attach any cables from your pc or lap. A wireless router is used which sends a signal out. This router is plugged into the phone line and acts as the hub for wireless network. Sometimes signals can suffer through thick walls, or dead spots in your home.

Fibre optic connection is the fastest; this is a broadband internet connection using fibre optic cables to transfer data. It is a lot faster up to 100mbps. At the moment fibre optic is only available in limited areas. There is also mobile broadband which you can connect to with your mobile phone if your phone is compatible these are called 3G phones (3rd generation). Speeds vary depending on location and dongles are generally unsuitable...
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